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Technical Support

Please post all technical issues in the Technical Support section. Be it bot, forum, wiki, or any other tech related issue. Use CTRL+F to search this page.

Transferring and resetting statistics

Please go to the stats manager tool to transfer or reset your statistics instead of posting here. Transfers/resets are immediate and non-reversible. You are only able to transfer stats, at most, once every seven days. Regarding stats merges, the staff will only merge your accounts if you can validate both on the forum and only under certain conditions.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

When I join a game, it says that the game could not be found.

Try refreshing the game list and joining again. Additionally, it may be because of a very short IP ban (especially if you just left a game), so try waiting a minute and then joining. Do not spam join or you may be banned automatically by the bot for longer or even banned by Battle.net's anti-flood system. If it delays several seconds and then says game could not be found, that means there is a problem with your connection to the server. The server is neither accepting nor rejecting your connection. Typically, this is caused by firewalls running on your computer or your router. Make sure outbound firewalls are either disabled or set to allow Warcraft III to connect to ports 6001-8000 (we use 6001-6200 for hosting, and 7000-7200 for EntGaming:GProxyVarlock reconnects).

I hosted a game with the public hosting system, and it said that it should be hosted, but I can't join.

This will happen if you host a game but the gamename is taken. If you "/whois" the bot that it says your game was hosted on and it is not in any game, then try hosting again with a different game name. Note, that the game name may be taken by a different host on a realm other than your own!

When I join a game that I hosted, I get kicked instantly or after downloading the map.

This may be caused by issues with the map, then try a different map. If you are kicked instantly it may also be because of a ban, in that case you can see a list of bans either here or there. To appeal your ban, follow this guide.

My Internet is unstable and I often get dropped, what should I do?

You should try using EntGaming:Econnect, EntGaming:GProxyVarlock or EntGaming:GProxyGui.

I tried to join the Clan ENT channel but it says that the channel is restricted.

At the time of this post, the channel was being flooded by bots so we restricted it. You will soon (if not already) be able to host games by whispering "ClanEnterprise" on any realm (/w ClanEnterprise !help).

I am disconnected at the start of the game.

There are several possibilities for this. First, if you noticed players that seemed like bots join the game, it is very likely that those players are bots and are causing you to disconnect. Please report the incident in the technical suppport section. Additionally, the map you are hosting may be configured incorrectly. In that case report the map in the tech section as well. This could only be the cause if every time you host the map you disconnect at the beginning, so try hosting the map again before reporting it. You could also have desynchronized or simply lost the connection, so make sure you did not also disconnect from battle.net and ask other players if you desynchronized.

Having issues staying connected to Warcraft 3?

Check out Blizzard's tips on how to fix it for Windows and Mac.

I registered an account but did not get an activation email.

Check your spam and junk folders to make sure the email did not go there. If you still can not find it, contact us and we'll manually activate your account or send you another activation email.

Why are my DotA stats not being saved in games I host?

Stats are only recorded for auto-hosted games. Privately hosted games may have gameplay that is different from normal games and makes stats difficult to track. For example, games may be between friends or just for fun where players are not trying their best. Additionally, stats in privately hosted games presents the possibility of abusing the system to improve one's record.

We all desynced from the game and lost ELO.

We only wipe, merge or transfer stats per request in the tech section on a regular basis. However, if we announce global technical issues for the ENT network in the news section, you are eligible for ELO restoration requests.

Need help using the FCD or detecting maphack?

Read the EntGaming:DetectMaphack for more information. If you still need help, contact us or post in the General Discussion section.

Desyncs after playing Castle Fight?

If you are playing Castle Fight and then join a different map, you will disconnect via desync. That happens because the CF maps alters your Warcraft 3 files which have to be "reloaded". Restart your Warcraft 3 every time you plan to play a different map than CF.

Patch 1.27: msvcr120.dll missing

Download the proper file for your operating system on Microsoft's official site. If you are not sure which one you need, you may download all. Do not forget to restart your PC to ensure the installation is complete.

Patch 1.27: No CD Error

Download the ROC and TFT installers, enter your CD-key and play without a CD.

Patch 1.27: GProxy Varlock

After updating the Warcraft 3 client, copy the war3.exe, game.dll and storm.dll files in the gproxy folder and update the gproxy config file. war3version = 27 & loader_offset = 4549532

Patch 1.27: Screenshot

For windows 7 or 8 users, to make a screenshot using print screen function you must be in window mode (for most users) or else it will not work. Hopefully blizzard can fix this.