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GProxy++ by Varlock

Patch Compatibility
Download Link
GProxy++ updated by Unitil
1.30.1 and below
GProxy++ Source Code


  • For Mac, please open the README.html included in the Mac download above


  1. First, download the above download link for GProxy++.
    Note: Your computer may warn you since .zip files should not typically be downloaded.
  2. Gproxy++ does not have to be (and is not recommended to be) in your Warcraft 3 folder. Just making a new folder on your desktop or in your "Documents" or "C" drive is fine.
  3. The Gproxy configuration (.cfg) will be created upon the first time you use Gproxy.exe. Make sure to change the war3path to match your path to your Warcraft 3 folder, enter in your roc and tft cd keys, which server you are in, your Warcraft III username and password and the channel you would like to start in (Clan ENT for example).
  4. You don't have to change any of the "### optional config values".
    1. The only time you would need to change one of these is if Blizzard updates Warcraft 3 again and changes the war3version to >1.27.
    You would then need to change war3version to "28" for instance if they change the version to 1.28.
  5. If you entered something wrong, you can edit the gproxy.cfg at any time.
  6. Open the gproxy.exe and you are ready to game safer!

Joining a game with GProxy

  1. Open gproxy.exe in Administrator Mode (if not, you sometimes have issues) and strike the enter key to log onto Battle.net.
  2. Next, open Warcraft 3 in Administrator Mode (if not, you sometimes have issues) and click the LAN option, this is how you will join games.
    Note: Make sure that the username you use in gproxy.cfg matches the username you use in the LAN screen.
  3. Going back to the gproxy window, type /public to see the list of all public games (like Battle.net's public listing when you hit the "Custom Games" button). The games will start showing up in the LAN screen.
  4. Alternatively, if you know the game name you want, type /game gameName.
  5. If the game name shows up blue, it means it allows gproxy reconnect protection, if it's white, it means the bot doesn't support gproxy protection. You can still join games through gproxy but the reconnect protection just won't be enabled.


Command Description
/commands Shows all available commands
/exit or /quit Close Gproxy++ (Alternatively, just hit the red "x" in the corner)
/filter <text> Start filtering public game names for given "text"
/filteroff Stops filtering public game names
/game <gamename> look for a specific game name "gamename"
/help Shows help
/public Enable listing of public games
/publicoff Disable listing of public games
/r <message> Replay to the last received whisper (in the GProxy++ console only)
/start Start Warcraft 3
/version Show GProxy++ version text
/w <user> <message> Whispers "message" to "user"
/re <message> Replay to the last received whisper (in game lobby or in game)
/sc Whispers "spoofcheck" to the game host (only usable in game lobby)
/status Shows the status information
/w <user> <message> Whispers "message" to "user"

GProxy configuration file

### required config values
war3path = C:\Program Files (x86)\Warcraft 3\ [make sure your wc3 path is correct]
cdkeyroc = [roc cd key]
cdkeytft = [tft cd key]
server = useast.battle.net/uswest.battle.net/asia.battle.net/europe.battle.net [Choose 1]
username = [yourBattle.netUsername]
password = [yourBattle.netPassword]
channel = [yourStartingChannel]
### optional config values
war3version = 27
port = 6125
exeversion =
exeversionhash =
passwordhashtype =

Do not post your cd-keys or password on the forums!

For questions, visit the technical support forum.