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Public Enterprise Hosting

This guide explains how to host games on ENT's public hosting system. There are two ways to do this:

  1. #Hosting_through_ENT_Link (website)
  2. or #Hosting_through_Battle.net on Asia, USWest, USEast or Europe.


Hosting via battle.net will only host on the official battle.net servers (and garena & entconnect). You will not be able to host via server.eurobattle.net or any other inofficial servers. If that is the case, host via the website. Furthermore, ENT does not administer any bans enforced in privately hosted games, nor do we punish hosts for their usage of kicks. The only reasons for us getting active is if they violate any of the rules below.


Using the ENT public hosting service to

  • create a game and then afk with the purpose to spread the map as "download only"-game or
  • advertise anything or
  • pretend being an Enterprise Gaming auto-hosted game by using # in the game name or
  • do anything but not actually play the game

is ban-able. If a moderator sees that, he is given the permission to warn you and unhost the game. We also reserves the right to ban any individual whose behaviour negatively affect ENT's public relation (Map Hacking, ENT Staff Impersonation, etc.)

Hosting through ENT Link (website)

You can now host directly from the website and then join the hosted game through ENT Connect, Garena, or Battle.net. The website also has the advantage of allowing you to select the location to host a game in. You'll need to register an account first, though.

  1. First, go to Host A Game. You'll have to add some maps to your personal list. To do this, click the list of added maps link.
  2. Once you have added the map, go back to the Host A Game page, enter the username that you will join the game with (in case your Battle.net and forum usernames are different), select a map and location, and press Host. Check the games list and wait until your game is hosted and then join the game.
    Tip: You can see when your game is hosted on the ENT games page.

Hosting through Battle.net

  1. First, go to the Clan ENT channel by typing "/j Clan ENT". You can always whisper the commands to "ClanEnterprise" if the channel becomes unavailable for whatever reason.
  2. Choosing your location: To see all available locations, type !location. To change the default location (which is atlanta), type !location <location>.
    • Example:
    aRt)Y: !location
    ClanEnterprise: Locations: [atlanta] ny europe seattle la au jp.
    aRt)Y: !location europe
    ClanEnterprise: Your hosting location has been updated to [europe].
  3. Selecting a map: Now you are able to choose the map you would like to host by typing !map (map you would like to search for). If there is more than one version of the map, you will need to type the full map name.
    • Example: !map DotA 6.74c.w3x). As mentioned in the previous step, if the channel is unavailable you can whisper the bot with the whisper ClanEnterprise the command "/w ClanEnterprise !map mapname.w3x".
  4. There are a few other commands you may find useful for loading a map. !load will load a map configuration file or a load code.
    1. For example, "!load dota_ref" will load the latest DotA map and add referees, while "!load 12345" will load the map with load code "12345".
    2. Also, "!map :mapname" will search through the maps uploaded by players.
  5. Hosting the game:
    • After selecting the map, you may now proceed to host the game by typing !pub (game name).
    • Hosting a private game is slightly different, as you do !priv instead of !pub. Obviously, if the game name you chose is taken, it will not host and if it contains bad words, they will be replaced with symbols (!, @, #, &).
  6. Once you have chosen a game name, you will be placed into the queue. Once you're first in queue, your game will be hosted shortly.


You may not use "#" in the game name to prevent abuse (so you do not spoof an auto-hosted game).


Commands Description
!priv [name] host private game
!pub [name] host public game, .pub with no name will set lastname+1
!open [number] open slot
!close [number] close slot
!start [force] start game, optionally add [force] to skip checks
!unhost unhost game
!banlast [reason] ban the last leaver
!kick [name] kick a player (it tries to do a partial match)
!sp shuffles players
!comp <slot> <skill> Creates a computer in slot <slot> of skill <skill> (skill is 0 for easy, 1 for normal, 2 for insane)

If the bot doesn't respond to these commands, it either means you entered the wrong username on the web form (if you hosted through the website) or you have to spoof-check. You can spoof check by typing /w botname sc (the bot's username appears in the chat when you join the game).

Upload your own maps to ENT public hosting!

This guide will go through uploading your own map and hosting it with our public hosting service. You will need a forum account if you do not have one already.

Note: You do not need a forum account to host maps already on our bots.


  1. Before you begin, look at our list of player-uploaded maps to make sure someone has not already uploaded the same map.
  2. First, it is recommended that you validate your Battle.net account.
    1. Enter your username and realm. You will get a code that you will have to whisper to ClanEnterprise. For example, !validate 0FDX8.
    2. Sign on to battle.net with the username and realm that you entered and then enter a chat room and whisper ClanEnterprise with the code.
    3. Now click the List Linked Accounts link and you should see your account appear. If not, try to whisper the code again.
  3. Now, go to ENT Link and select Upload your map. You should now be redirected to a place that asks you to upload a map. After selecting your map and uploading simply by clicking Upload, you should see it appear on the list (there is a column for load code but that is not required any more to play your map. Your map is uploaded to our system now!
  4. Finally, to host your map, use the following commands:
    /w ClanEnterprise !map :map name
    /w ClanEnterprise !pub gamename
    So basically, just put a colon (:) before your map name. Everything else is the same as how you would normally use our public hosting service!
  5. If that does not work, you can use the old load code system. The load code is the column that I mentioned above and should be approximately five characters long.
    /w ClanEnterprise !load :loadcode
    /w ClanEnterprise !pub gamename
    Take your load code, put a colon (the ":" character) before it, and then !load and !pub as you normally would.
  6. Uploaded maps are public. Anyone can load them using the colon. To see what maps a certain user have uploaded, find their forum user ID and then type !map :userid. To get the user ID, go to the user profile (use this link to find a member) and then take the last number in the URL.
    For example, my profile link is entgaming.net/forum/memberlist.php?mode=viewprofile&u=2. That means my user ID is 2. So then I would type:
    /w ClanEnterprise !map :2
    Or in case some maps have "2" in them, this is better:
    /w ClanEnterprise !map :.2
    The dots make sure it doesn't match a 2 in the map name. Then you'll see all or some of the maps you've uploaded.

Alternatively, you can look at the list of uploaded maps and find a map from there.

Administer your personal banlist

You can find your personal banlist there. It allows you to manually unban or ban users. Just enter:

  1. Their username.
  2. Realm (select one).
  3. Provide a reason (so you know what you banned them for).
  4. Selected one of your ENT linked accounts.
    If you do not have any accounts linked, validate it.

Note: All accounts you ban players with must be linked to your forum account. So make sure to validate all accounts you use for the public hosting system.

For questions, feel free to ask!