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Enterprise Connection

ENT Connect (aka econnect) will reconnect you once you disconnected.


  • Joining games is easier: To join a game with ENT Connect, all you have to do is find your favorite game on the gamelist and then click the grey E next to the game (in the Connect column). Once the applet opens and turns green, start Warcraft, click on Local Area Network, and then join the game (it should be the first entry in the list).
  • Reduces chance of disconnection: ENT Connect gives you GProxy++ support, meaning that you can reconnect to games if your Internet connection briefly disconnects.
  • Hosting games: It's also now possible to host games on our public hosting system using the website. To do this, go to the ENT Link tab and select "Host a game". Once the game is hosted, head to the gamelist, find the game, and then click the grey E (note that it may take several seconds for the game to be hosted). (If you're hosting DotA, then select "DotA with referees" from the list of maps.)
  • Anti-Maphack: The ENT Connect AMH system is enabled by checking the "Enable AMH" in the ENT Connect tab. ENT AMH games require the system to be enabled. When in-game, the system will disconnect players who are detected to be using maphack or similar third party programs. Follow the instructions to install lgver.mix into your Warcraft III folder. Once that's done, you'll need to restart Warcraft 3, then just join the game from the Warcraft 3 LAN tab as you would any other game.

First Steps

  • Make sure that Java is installed. Go on the ENT Connect page and if you see a message like the one below, go on the official Java page and download the latest version. See figure 1.
Figure 1
  • Reload the page and check again. If a message like the one below appears, then the execution of the applet (ENT connect) is blocked. See figure 2.
Figure 2
To allow running Java in general or only specifically on ENT, please make sure to read the three options under troubleshooting (option 1 is recommended).
Figure 3
Figure 4
Figure 5
Figure 6
Figure 7

Where to start?

  • Close your Warcraft 3 and all ENT tabs.
  • Make sure you've got the java version 7 or higher. To see if you've got java, make a java-installed check check. If Java is already installed, check if your plugins are activate.
    • For Chrome, enter as url: chrome://plugins/.
    • If you don't have Java installed, download it for free on the official Java website. Without Java version 7 or higher, econnect will not work.
  • Once you checked/installed java, go on the entconnect site.
Attention: That page has to keep open until your game is over else you'll automatically disconnect and won't be able to reconnect!
  • Set as Proxy setting Disable and uncheck AMH option.
  • Once the security java applet popped up, run the application. Wait until it's green.
  • Start Warcraft 3 and go to Local Network Area.
  • Make sure that your Wc3 LAN account is the same as your forum account.
  • A list of games should appear and you are ready to play.
How to start with Ent Connect.


Here are some steps to take if you are getting certificate-related or other security-related errors.

Note: Before following this guide, make sure that you have the latest version of Java (see First Steps).

Add entgaming.net to your exception site list

  1. Open the Java configuration (in Windows search for "Java Conf" and it should show up). See figure 3.
  2. Click on the security Tab (which is the fourth one). See figure 4.
  3. Under the Exception site list click on the "Edit Site List..." button. See figure 5.
  4. Press the add button and enter "https://entgaming.net/entconnect/" and "https://entgaming.net/". See figure 6.
  5. Click the Ok button and you should notice the added urls. See figure 7.
  6. Click the Ok button again to close the Java Control Panel.

Chrome Settings

If you are using a Chrome browser version 42, 43 or 44, you will have to enable 'npapi' in the settings. To do so, enter the following as link in your URL bar: chrome://flags/#enable-npapi. Chrome starting with version 45 has permanently removed NPAPI support. We recommend using a different browser like Firefox or Internet Explorer to start the ENT Connect session.

By color

The ENT Connect applet turns different colors to show different error messages. This guide will help to determine what the problem is based on those colors.

If you are having issues with security warnings, see above.
If the applet does not load at all, then that means you need to update your Java version to >= 7.0 (see above).
Also, if you do not click "Run" when the security warning pops up, then the applet will not be able to create the server socket that allows you to connect to games. If you do not want to show the security warning in the future, you should check the checkbox and then click Run.
Lastly, make sure to set your username in LAN to be the same as your forum username or you may experience desyncs.
  • Red: You are most likely already running an instance of ENT Connect. Closing and then re-opening your web browser should do the trick. Specifically, the problem is that the server socket to which you will connect to join games could not be initialized.
    Note: Newer ENT Connect versions will automatically try to solve this, so waiting a while might be enough to fix it.
  • Orange: This is a weird error (UDP socket could not be initialized) but try the above.
  • Blue: This is not an error - it just means that you successfully connected. If it turns blue but you are not able to join the game, then there was a problem in connecting to the server and you might have to disable some firewalls, your anti-virus or any other third party applications.
  • Pink: There was an error while accepting your connection. Probably related to the red error.
  • Cyan: The applet could not retrieve the game list from the website. If you continue to see this for a long period of time, check to make sure that you can access the website.
  • Yellow: The applet did not do anything yet. If it stays yellow.
  • Nothing: If you do not even see an applet it means that your java configuration is incorrect and you may need to enable it in the browser, install the correct version or java, or may have blocked the applet from running.

For questions, visit the technical support forum.