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Appeals (unban)

Please do not use ban appeals to complain, spam, or curse out moderators/other players. As users on the free hosting service you are granted your right to appeal so all we ask is that you keep it civil. Failure to keep civil behavior will result in action at moderator's discretion. If you have a complaint about how things are handled then use the complaint forum.

Please post your ban appeals in the Ban Appeals section.


If a user bans you in his privately hosted game, it will not affect you on the officially hosted ENT games. In such a case, do not post an appeal because ENT does not administer these.

What to do if you can not join?

  1. Validate your account and check the banlist or use the public banlist.
  2. If you are banned, gather the information you need for the following format.
[b]Your Warcraft III username:[/b] 
[b]Why are you banned:[/b] 
[b]Why you should be unbanned:[/b] 

Keep the format and the tags. Write your information next to the [/b] tags! How it should look like:

   Subject: Test@europe
   [b]Your Warcraft III username:[/b]  Test
   [b]Realm/Gateway:[/b]  Northrend/Europe
   [b]Why are you banned:[/b]  I got banned for teamkilling. Found the thread by searching the forum (http://entgaming.net/forum/search.php?keywords=aRt)Y&fid%5B0%5D=24).
   [b]Why you should be unbanned:[/b]  He teamkilled me, too but it didnt give me the right to tk back. I've re-read the rules and I apologize. This is the first time I've been banned and it is not gonna happen again!

Check list

  • Make sure you have spelled your ingame name correctly.
  • The realm can be: europe.battle.net, uswest.battle.net, useast.battle.net, asia.battle.net, entconnect, Garena, server.europebattle.net, or serpi90.no-ip.info
  • If possible the game name. You should find it on the banlist.
  • If you do not know the situation (the reason why you got banned), either check the ban reason from the banlist above or search the forum for your Warcraft 3 account. To do so, replace <name> with your account (https://entgaming.net/forum/search.php?keywords=<name>&fid%5B0%5D=24 - do not change the rest) - or just post a screenshot of the ban message.
  • Provide a reason why we should unban you. Reasons like "because I want to play" will be declined.
  • Once you went through everything, post here.
Note: If you need to the lobby chat to prove some of your actions, please read EntGaming:Ban#Retrieving_the_lobby_chat.


If you try to join a game and you see a ban reason with a weird number and "TID" in front of it, it means that you've been banned based on a ban request. That topic is identified by this unique number. You can usually access it using this link https://entgaming.net/forum/viewtopic.php?f=24&t=<number>. Replace <number> with the digit.

Still having issues?

If you are not banned but you still unable to join the games, please read the EntGaming:TechSupport.

If your internet goes repeatedly off for a short time, you should try reconnection tools from our EntGaming:Tools list.