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Enterprise Gaming News History 2017

For news histories of other years, please check the news category.

2017-11-19LIHL rules updated.
2017-09-16DotA LoD rules updated!
2017-09-09HELLHALT TD rules updated!
2017-08-04Added Legion TD Team League Guide.
2017-08-02LIHL season 17 ended!
2017-06-10Due to Blizzard's update(s), the bot names had to be changed. For example, ENT11 is now ENT.11 - this applies to all autohost bots. For a list of autohosted bots/maps, see here.
2017-05-20Tuskar snowballing with couriers is now considered a ban-able glitch.
2017-05-10LIHL season 16 ended!
2017-04-01General Rules updated.
2017-03-29Legion TD April Tournament announced!
2017-03-11Returning to Normal
2017-03-04Enterprise Gaming's forum has been breached. For details, please refer to History.
2017-02-20ENT Is Restructuring!
2017-02-17Welcome to GDRAGON and lordmillt to the moderation team!.
2017-02-09Improve ENT and become a moderator! More info here.
2017-02-03Civ Wars' monthly tournament has started! Sign-up here.
2017-02-03Starting Sunday, February, 5th, Anti-Mage's Mana Break may not be skilled on melee heroes.
2017-01-31LIHL Season 15 ended!
2017-01-31Vote now! Which Wintermaul War version do you want hosted?
2017-01-31Added ladder maps to our hosted maps page. Find originals faster!
2017-01-28Added a Discord Bots page.
2017-01-26Discord Giveaway, Emojis and Bots!
2017-01-26Updated ENT's donation rewards.
2017-01-07Intentional clogging is now ban-able in all LTD and LIHL games. (Per suggestion 103479.)