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ENT's Discord Bots

Custom Commands

  • !support (lists useful links)
  • !bots (links wiki bots page)

ENT (alias Botwinder)


The ENT bot is our Discord's main moderation bot. Besides having the possibility to react to spam, it also welcomes our new members!


  • !dice <number> and !dice help
  • !poll and !vote

Game Groups

You have the option to add yourself to a public group (e.g. DotA Players). The purpose is to tag other DotA players to join a game, to chat in group specific channels and to generally organize ENT's players base. To add yourself to a group, use the following command:

  • !join GroupName (GroupName being: DotA Players, ID Players, LTD Players, Hell Players; this list will grow in time).
  • !leave GroupName

Example: !join DotA Players

Level (alias Mee6)


Mee6 will give you "experience" for every message you post. The more xp you get, the higher your rank is. To avoid spam, it only counts one message every 60 seconds. Furthermore, it only works in the #lobby and #support channels. You can find the leaderboard here.


  • !rank

Fun (alias Gravebot)


Chat is pretty boring without some fun commands, that's what we have Gravebot for! It works in the #lobby and #steam channels. Don't get too spammy, please. :)


  • !8ball <question>
  • !coin
  • !decide <A> or <B>
  • !quote
  • !roll <number>
  • !wiki <searchTerm>
  • !unshorten <url>

Steam (alias SteamBot)


ENT has many hundred users on Steam. To get some info about users and games, but also to link your steam account to your Discord's username, you can use the steam bot exclusively in the #steam channel.


For a list of SteamBot commands, check here!

Stream (alias NowLiveBot)


Twitch and Beam, among other platforms, become more important in the lives of gamers. Our Stream bot will post announcements in the #live-streams channel whenever you go online. You only have to be on ENT's streamer list! :)



Music (alias LewdBot)


There's nothing better than sharing and listening to some cool nerdy music! :D Join the #music channel and the music voice channel in order to listen to it. You may only add YouTube videos which are not copyrighted. In case the Music bot is not in the music voice channel, use @Music lm join and it will join you in the music voice channel.


In order to use the commands, you have to use the following prefix: @Music lm.

  • add <YouTubeVideo>
  • list
  • clear
  • pause
  • play <id>
  • shuffle

For example, @Music lm add https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KqhfLTsEeZg