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Enterprise Gaming's History


Enterprise was originally just Clan ENT on Warcraft 3. There were hosting bots for DotA, and people would drop by the channel and say !games to find out what was hosted (there were much fewer bots). Eventually uakf.b, the founder, created a forum called "clanent.net" which got limited users. In fact, still now if you visit clanent.net, it will redirect you to entgaming.net. At this time, we had Cyberpunk and Agreements as administrators and uakf.b as the owner.


The leadership of BlinkGaming.net, one of the other major Warcraft 3 communities, decided to merge with ENT. After talking with uakf.b, they shut down their bots and transferred their user database here. All of their moderators were then made moderators on ENT. This is when aRt)Y joined ENT. Most of those moderators have since been demoted or left. The website was also renamed to entgaming.net, and there was a competition to make a new banner at the top of the page. We had like 5 different ones which were all tried out before sticking with this one.


ENT was technically advancing. Getting its own wiki (which still exists at wiki.entgaming.net), Social Media and experimenting with different forum softwares and styles which, unfortunately got suspended in 2015 with the departure of Cyberpunk and Agreements. aRt)Y became the first new administrator, and nabo. the second. nabo. was one of the top players on ENT at the time, who eventually applied for a moderator position and was active enough for quick promotions. Despite new changes, we didn't always have happy times. 2014 was one of the years when communities have been attached with DDoS attacks. It affected ENT heavily and led us to investing in anti-DDoS technology. Later on, DotACash (ENT's only other competitor at this point) shut down due to multiple reasons, and now there's pretty much only ENT left.


Besides hosting many tournaments, ENT has re-started the DotA and Island Defense league. The oldest of ENT's leagues is Legion TD In-House. Even today, it still attracts new and old players alike.


uakf.b, while still the owner, has become less involved (basic server/bot maintenance), with aRt)Y handling the staff and the daily business. After multiple forum and staff restructurings, and nabo's retirement, Hazardous has become the latest member in the Management. 2016 has been the year of a lot of restructuring on the procedure-level, too. Pretty much every step has been made more transparent and accessible.

Throughout its years, ENT has been hosting tournaments for all sorts of game genre. As ENT does not profit from its service, the winners have been well rewarded.


Blizzard's patches, bot issues, acp breach, restoration, discord. To be continued...

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