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Legion TD Mega Team League

What is LTL?

ENT's Legion TD Mega Team League (LTL) is a mix of the league and the tournament formats for any player who wish to play in a competitive cup-style atmosphere with friends. For more information, read here.

How to participate?

Since LTL is not a vouch-based league, you do not have to post a vouch request. However, a proper registration, using the format below, must be filled in order to participate to the upcoming LTL season. Such registration can be done during the sign-up period, which starts 4 weeks before the start of the season and ends 1 week before the season begins. Note: It is mandatory for captains to use Discord and to be reach-able through it. Discord account for the other team members is only optionnal. For operational reasons, when providing your Discord account, please make sure to include the # following it.

```[b]Team Name: [/b]

[b]Team Captain & Discord Account: [/b] [b]Other Team Members & Discord Account: [/b] [list=1][*] [*] [*] [*] [*] [/list]```

How to start a game?

Games will be privately hosted through ENT Link at the time agreed by the team captains. If you have any question/hesitation on how to host a game, look at the Hosting Guide. You can also take a look at the bots status here.
The map is Legion TD Mega 3.42e.w3x


The general EntGaming:Rules apply to the LTL, unless abrogated by the specific rules below. For the forum, the general EntGaming:ForumRules are to be followed. LTL also follows the EntGaming:LTDRules 1200+ rules. Failure to respect those rules will result in consequences according to the violation and to the history of the player.
As a league, our standards and expectations are higher than public games. We expect players to be mannered and to contribute to create a great atmosphere. Therefore, all players should respect their mates and the game they share.
  • Do not abuse !owner rights.
  • Leaving: Do not leave before game has been won, forfeited by all players from opposite team or drawn by both captains to remake the game.
  • The game mode will be -phgmnmcb and it is red's responsibility to enter it.

* If red fails to enter it, players must pick the prophet builder and must make sure their build will not pull another lane's creeps and if it is still the case, do not make use of this gold unfairly earned. unfairly earned.

  • It is not allowed to drop a player. If someone is lagging, let him reconnect or disconnect.
  • It is not mandatory to !draw. For this reason, the usage of GProxy DLL is strongly recommended.

* If someone disconnects, the players can decide either if they want to remake or simply play it, it is up to the persons in-game.

Match-Scheduling Rules
It is the duty of the captain to represent his team when it comes to scheduling a match with another team's captain. With that being said, there are some rules to respect.
  • Captains must be reach-able throughout the week and must provide a working schedule of available times by Wednesday.
  • When both captains came to an agreement concerning the time the match will be played, they must notice the staff members on Discord. See the example here for what we are expecting.
  • When reaching 30 minutes past the time agreed by both captains and that a team doesn't show up, or shows up without enough players to play the game, they will be penalized.

* The penality goes like this: The match will be rescheduled to take place during the "make-up" week and 1 point will be withdrawn from the final result for the team that didn't show-up.

If someone is breaking any of those rules, you need to report him directly to LTL Staff with proofs. Be it screenshots, replay link and Discord conversation, it needs to be flawless.
Point System & Trades
The point system and trades rules may vary between seasons. Please visit the LTL forum for more details.

Screenshot Procedure

  1. LTL moderators may reserve the right to proceed to a screenshot test. A LTL moderator may pause the game or whispers a user in-game to do so.
  2. Once the game is paused, do not unpause until all players successfully has shot a screenshot. Press the "Print Screen" button to take a screenshot.
  3. Make sure that the screenshot file is in .tga format (file located at Warcraft III/Screenshots folder) and that it came out correctly.
  4. Go on ENT forum and send a Private Message with your ss file attached.
    • Compose a new PM.
    • Select "LTL Staff" from the groups on the right side and press the "Add" button.
    • As subject (pm title), put the date and your name.
    • As body (pm content), write whatever you want.
    • On the bottom, press "Select file", select your saved screenshot and press the "Add the file" button.
    • Send off the private message by pressing "Submit".
Alternative SS Tutorial (click)


Depending on which OS version and which bit version you are running, the file paths will be different:

  • For Windows 7, ss file can be found: C:\%PROGRAMFILES(X86)%\Warcraft III\Screenshots (64-bit) / C:\%PROGRAMFILES%\Warcraft III\Screenshots (32-bit)
  • For Windows 8, ss files can be found: C:\Users\USERNAME\AppData\Local\VirtualStore\%PROGRAMFILES(X86)%\Warcraft III\Screenshots or C:\Users\USERNAME\AppData\Local\VirtualStore\%PROGRAMFILES%\Warcraft III\Screenshots or C:\%PROGRAMFILES(X86)%\Warcraft III\Screenshots or C:\%PROGRAMFILES%\Warcraft III\Screenshots
    To unhide hidden files (which is the case for the AppData path, follow this guide).


The league is administered by EntGaming:Staff#LTL_Moderators.