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Enterprise Gaming News History 2015

For news histories of other years, please check the news category.

2015-11-21Congratulations to both Jabba41 and RadiantCrystal and their promotions.
2015-11-17Welcome AmnoN to the ENT Moderation team.
2015-11-15General Rules and IIHL Rules updated.
2015-11-01Please note, LIHL rules have been updated, the new season (11) started and the stats have been published!
2015-10-25We've got a new partner! Please welcome the NWU community.
2015-10-17Please welcome the developer of DotA Allstarts, DracoL1ch, to our official partners list.
2015-10-17Angel Arena Eclipse rules added!
2015-09-25LIHL updated its disconnection policy.
2015-09-25Please welcome two new members to our staff.
2015-09-01LIHL rules updated.
2015-09-01LTD rules updated. Please note, all LTD maps on ENT have been updated.
2015-08-29NWU and LTD rules have been updated. IIHL rules are now in effect. Please officially welcome all new LIHL and IIHL moderators! Furthermore, please take note of our Info-Tourney group.
2015-08-25Hero Line Wars rules updated.
2015-08-22Please welcome two new staff members (ArOuNDThaWOrLD & HazarDous). Two members have also renamed their accounts.
2015-08-18Please take note of the votekick rule clarifications.
2015-08-17Welcome KeeRo to the LIHL moderator team!
2015-07-27Visit the new front page for our leagues and a new page dedicated to our tournaments.
2015-07-26Congratulations to larz882003 on becoming a Game Moderator!
2015-07-26Winner of the ENT July Tournament 2015 in the category LTD: Team TBD!
2015-07-25Congratulations to Haunt on becoming an ENT Moderator.
2015-07-21 Introducing: DotA In-House League & ENT's Partners!
2015-06-27 LTD Mega and 1200+ rules updated.
2015-06-21 Hero Line Wars rules updated.
2015-06-17 Congratulations to nabo. on becoming an Head Administrator and Gaara on becoming a Forum Moderator.
2015-06-13 All DotA -em games are back with an additional option to vote for a mode in lobby.
2015-06-10 Congratulations on becoming an ENT moderator, AriLogical.
2015-05-30 ENT changed its DotA ap(em) hosting bots to all-pick only! Starting today, we also host LTD x10 2v2 (ENT5) - please check out the rules for it!
2015-05-30 LIHL rules updated.
2015-05-23 #PatchSaturday. Troll and Elves rules updated, Civilization Wars rules added and General Rules updated.
2015-05-20 Congratulations on becoming an LIHL moderator, HealByColor.
2015-05-12 Congratulations on becoming an ENT moderator, AnotherWorld.
2015-05-10 Congratulations on becoming an ENT moderator, Burn.
2015-05-06 Congratulations on becoming an ENT moderator, ShadowZz.
2015-05-06 Welcome back to the staff team, xxDragooonxx.
2015-04-18 LIHL rules updated.
2015-04-18 LIHL's reform has been published.
2015-04-05 Congratulations to illionaire for winning the category DotA and the team wesuckat2v2 for winning the LTD category in the ENT April 2015 Tournament.
2015-04-04 Congratulations to ArMeDaNdDeAdLy for joining the LIHL staff and welcome back greatbeyond who re-joined the team.
2015-04-04 LTD rules updated.
2015-03-29 LIHL rules updated.
2015-03-28 LTD rules rephrased and also more clearly separated.
2015-03-23 Congratulations to getstomped. He is now an ENT mod.
2015-03-14 Hero Line Wars rules updated and congratulations to MichaelSong. He is now also an ENT mod.
2015-02-28 DotA rules have been updated and congratulations to RadiantCrystal. He is now an ENT mod.
2015-02-23 Congratulations to Stiff_Maistar. He is now an ENT mod.
2015-02-21 Official release of the LIHL seasons and vouched players statistics pages.
2015-02-21 General rules updated.
2015-02-14 Major updates to all rules, LIHL and the wiki. Please check out #PatchSaturday!
2015-02-06 Angel Arena Allstars rules updated.
2015-02-05 Broken Alliances rules added!
2015-02-03 LIHL rules updated.
2015-02-03 Welcome MichaelSong to the LIHL moderation team.
2015-02-01 Congratulations to Guennter. He is now an ENT mod.
2015-01-17 Added <a href="/index.php?title=EntGaming:Streams" title="EntGaming:Streams EntGaming:Streams].
2015-01-15 Congratulations to Tedro32. He is now an ENT mod. Also gratz to Hutzu on his promotion!
2015-01-08 LTD 1100+ rules & NWU rules updated.
2015-01-05 1100+ rules added.
2015-01-04 IRC added!