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Island Defense In-House League

What is IIHL?

The Island Defense In-House League organizes competitive games and is based on vouched players (unvouched players can play though). Meeting point is the Warcraft 3 channel "ENTIDIH" on Azeroth/USEast. Usually on Saturday, however, check the schedule here.

Useful Links


Besides the tips below, you can find guides for builders, titans or general help in the Island Defense Guides forum or on the wiki itself.

  • Builder
    • Lumbering
      • Choose a lumber base where the workers can not be nuked when harvesting lumber.
      • Make the lumber base fully deniable.
      • Do not have workers in seeds unless you have worker HP upgrades. If your builder is Goblin, Nature, Radioactive, Magnatuar, Huntress, or Demonoligist, it is okay to seed, be careful though.
    • Basing
      • Have 1 seed for lumbering when basing.
      • Always double base.
      • If there are 2 basers and 2 supports left, build 2 bases with 1 baser and 1 support each. Unless the situation requires a double base with two basers.
    • General
      • Always upgrade walls near mound.
      • Have at least 2 workers at mound, ready to detonate possible wotw's
      • Don't move in open areas at the start of the game, unless you know where the titan is.
      • Wall off any item jump-able walls.
      • "Teamkill" all feed when seen (less levels/ gold for titan).
  • Titan
    • General
      • Sell Ankh of reincarnation. Why? Because it will boost your early game. You will look like a fool if you die middle 10 minutes in.
      • Find sources of experience (Goblin workers, pizzlys etc. Non-upgraded walls are also good.
      • Can't get a minion? Item jump mid walls or use wotw from gold mound on builders that are easy to kill like Gnoll or Makrura.
      • Feed off of middle walls with a fiery claw as a last resort if the game is hard.

Vouch Process

To get vouched, please use the format below (do not remove the tags) and post it here.

   [b]Tell us what other previous league or in-house experience you have:[/b]
   [b]Provide your list of aliases. These are names that people might recognize you as:[/b]
   [b]If possible, provide a list of league players who know you:[/b]
   [b]Do you have Mumble installed?[/b]
   [b]Do you have Gproxy installed?[/b]
   [b]Do you know how to take a screenshot and PM it on forum? (ss test)[/b]
   [b]Any additional information that you would like to provide:[/b]


The general EntGaming:Rules apply to the IIHL, unless abrogated by the specific rules below. For the forum, the general EntGaming:ForumRules are to be followed.
Violating any rule can result in disciplinary actions including verbal warnings, temporary & permanent bans from IIHL games and/or ENT games.
Using GProxy is mandatory for all players except with a valid excuse (players must be informed).
Using Mumble is mandatory for all vouched players except with a valid excuse (players must be informed). Staff members must have a microphone; league players are given the choice whether they wanna communicate.
  • Game Modes:
    • Default game mode: -up -no share -ih
    • No basing within the first 5 minutes.
    • First vouched player to be first blood is the next titan.
    • Should a first blood player dodge his duty to play titan, he/she must play as titan in his/her next in-house game (thereby prioritizing it higher than players who would like to voluntarily play).
  • The titan automatically wins if builders violates one of the two following rules:
    1. Lumber pooling to players besides your basing partner (e.g. secret shop, merch)
    2. 3 or more builders have buildings or are sitting in one base. Builder(s) are allowed to teleport to a base, but they must leave it immediately.
  • Titan may:
    • Use unpunish or punish whenever he pleases.
    • not "-kick" any minion, unless the minion is ghosting or disturbing the titan's game flow (e.g. mass pinging)
  • Titan may choose optional modes:
    • -ar
    • -br
    • -Sharing allowed (Allows sharing to multiple builders)
    • -exp (60% builder consent)
  • Optional modes (60% builders consent):
    • -exp
    • -Equal share (All minions must be distributed equally to all minion player(s))
  • Miscellaneous Rules:
    • All league players must use their designated account, e.g the one they requested to be vouched.
    • If you are AFK and don't respond in 120 seconds before game starts, you can be kicked for another player. The player must be notified using Mumble, Skype or any other program before the countdown begins.
    • Unvouched titans need 60% consent of players to be able to titan.
    • If 30% of vouched players refuse to let an unvouched player play, then the unvouched player can be kicked.
    • A shuffled vouched titan can decline to play if he has already played an inhouse titan before on the same day.
    • Before shuffling, a volunteer can titan with 60% of the builder's consent.
    • Vouched players always have higher priority in lobby. If there's a slot occupied by an unvouched player, he must be kicked to free the spot for a vouched one.


Required Description
!start Starts a new game (only if there is not already a current one).
!startnow Starts a new game without having players to sign in.
!sign Signs in to the current game.
!unsign Signs out of the current game.
Miscellaneous Description
!players Shows the currently signed players.
!stats Shows your stats.
!active Shows vouched players who are online.
!isvouched <username> Checks whether <username> is vouched.
!top Lists the users with the highest ELO scores in the league (!bot: lowest ELO scores).
!compare <user a> <user b> Compares two players to see their wins/losses together/against.
!games Gets the last game name.
!lastplayers/!lp Lists the players of the last hosted game.
!notify X Notifies you when X people sign (!unnotify to stop notify).
!status Displays your sign status (which game you signed for, if any).
!active Lists all vouched players who are currently online.
In-Game Description
!start Starts the game (owner only).
!swap X Y Swaps player X with Y (owner only).
!scores Displays the ELO of both teams.
!ihs Shows your stats.
!ping Displays players' pings (owner only).

Screenshot Procedure

  1. A IIHL moderator pauses the game or whispers a user ingame to do so.
  2. Once the game is paused, do not unpause until all players successfully has shot a screenshot. Press the "Print Screen" button to take a screenshot.
  3. Make sure that the screenshot file is in .tga format (file located at Warcraft III/Screenshots folder) and that it came out correctly.
  4. Go on ENT forum and send a Private Message with your ss file attached.
    • Compose a new PM.
    • Select "IIHL Moderation" from the groups on the right side and press the "Add" button.
    • As subject (pm title), put the date and your name.
    • As body (pm content), write whatever you want.
    • On the bottom, press "Select file", select your saved screenshot and press the "Add the file" button.
    • Send off the private message by pressing "Submit".
Alternative SS Tutorial (click)


Depending on which OS version and which bit version you are running, the file paths will be different:

  • For Windows 7, ss file can be found: C:\%PROGRAMFILES(X86)%\Warcraft III\Screenshots (64-bit) / C:\%PROGRAMFILES%\Warcraft III\Screenshots (32-bit)
  • For Windows 8, ss files can be found: C:\Users\USERNAME\AppData\Local\VirtualStore\%PROGRAMFILES(X86)%\Warcraft III\Screenshots or C:\Users\USERNAME\AppData\Local\VirtualStore\%PROGRAMFILES%\Warcraft III\Screenshots or C:\%PROGRAMFILES(X86)%\Warcraft III\Screenshots or C:\%PROGRAMFILES%\Warcraft III\Screenshots
    To unhide hidden files (which is the case for the AppData path, follow this guide).
How to screenshot on Macintosh:


The league is administered by EntGaming:Staff#IIHL_Moderators.