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Enterprise Gaming Warcraft III Tournaments

The following is a list of all officially hosted ENT tournaments. So far, we have awarded ~$5,355 and other prizes to the tournament winners and runner-ups. To remain finically stable to offer such prize-pools, feel free to donate. If you are interested to receive news, updates and further information about past, ongoing or upcoming tournaments, you can join our Info-Tourney forum group or visit this page.

152017, AprilLTD$240
142016, DecemeberLoE & LTD$245
132016, NovemberLTD$460
122016, SeptemberDotA LoD$500
112016, JulyLTD, LIHL, Footmen vs Grunts, Hero Push$650
102016, FebruaryLTD (LIHL)$0
92015, JulyDotA, LTD$450
82015, AprilDotA, LTD$210
72014, SeptemberLTD$200
62014, JulyDotA, LTD, Mystery, Banjoball$800
52014, JanuaryDotA, LTD, T&J$200
42013, AugustDotA, LTD$500
32013, JuneDotA, LTD$500
22013, MarchDotA, LTD, Mystery$300
12012, JulyDotA$100

¹Besides the actual money, ENT is also awarding in-game spoofing and forum ranks/colors.

Host your own tournament

ENT will support any community member who wants to organize a tournament.

To get our support, please fulfill the following requirements as tournament organizer:

  • A sign-up window of 2-3 weeks (for the announcements) and sign-up being on the forums (sub-forum will be created).
  • Anyone can participate if not banned. Desired formats are 8, 16 or 32 participants (any other formats are accepted though if the signed up players dont show up). Please specify the amount of players per team beforehand. The brackets can be scheduled with challonge.
  • Provide the following information: Format, Map, Mode, Win Conditions, Rules (if not covered by general rules)/Miscellaneous, Timetables in EDT, CDT, CEST
  • ENT general rules will always apply unless abrogated by tournament specific rules.
  • The rewards, sign-up forums and announcements will be handled by the Staff Department. Your main duty would be organizing it, gathering players, giving support when the tournament starts and helping players find the right game. Asking players to donate to you directly is forbidden to avoid scams. You may ask them to donate to ENT though.
  • ENT private hosting will be used.
  • (You may participate in the tournament yourself as tournament organizer as long as the support for players, organization of the tournament and ongoing games are ensured!)

For the tournament organizer and participants, please note:

  • If the tournament does not end two weeks after the scheduled final, the ENT payout may be voided.
  • To claim your reward
    • your account which you used in the tournament must be validated.
    • you must have a PayPal account.
    • you must private message the Staff Department(subject: tournament genre, body: team name, account and spot, paypal email)
    • If you do not claim your tournament reward within 3 months after the tournament's final, your claim will be voided.

Please private message the Staff Department with the information and we will see what we can do for you!