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  • The prizes are subject to change.
  • ENT General Rules apply to all tournament games.
  • Anyone banned will not be able to participate.
  • Games will be hosted on us/ca via ENT's public hosting service, unless arranged otherwise.
  • This tournament is hosted by public players and is supported by ENT.
  • For more information, you can sign-up on our Tourney E-Mail group.

Legion TD

Hosted by MickeyTheMousie

Timetable: April, 22th - 23th

  • 20.00 CEST - 01.00 CEST
  • 2 PM - 7 PM EDT
  • 1 PM - 6 PM CDT


  • First rounds BO1
  • Semi-final and loser bracket final BO3
  • Final BO5

Map : Legion TD Mega 3.42c

Mode : -pr

Win Conditions: Winning BO5.

Prizes: TBD

Rules/ Miscellaneous: LTD 1200+ rules are to be used.

Punishments on breaking rules will be looked at case by case. Auto-losing the game, disqualification and playing the game all over again (when time allows it) are among the possibilities. Serious offences will also have consequences outside of the tournament (map hacking, ghosting, ban dodging).

Sign-Up: forum topic

Brackets: N/A