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Enterprise Gaming Partners

As one of the major Warcraft III hosting community, ENT has the responsibility to foster bonds of its players, sustain its playerbase by providing high quality hosting services, bridging communication networks via its forums and media channels, and supporting map makers with their projects. After all, custom maps are what make Warcraft III and our service unique.

Warcraft III should no longer be about rivalry. For everyone to continue playing this classic game, we must strive to keep what is left - only together, as a big community, we will be able to achieve a lasting outcome. ENT has partnered up with the following communities to reach our goal, investing and lending our resources.

The Hive Workshop

One of the biggest and most profiled map making communities.


A Warcraft 3 hosting service.

Brigand's Haven

A map making community.

DotA Allstars

DotA Allstars by DracoL1ch

Naruto Wars Unlimited

Naruto Wars Unlimited by muZk