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GProxy DLL

Download link | Official page

GProxy++ DLL is a reconnection plugin for Warcraft III. It is based on Gproxy++ by Varlock and Gproxy GUI by LadyGaga, made into a Warcraft III plugin with various bugfixes and optimizations by h3rmit. It is used as a tool that will allow you to reconnect to the game.

How to set up

  1. Click on the download link above.
  2. Download the 3 files (.cfg, .mix, and .ini), and move them into your main installation Warcraft III folder (for example, C:\Program Files (x86)\Warcraft III\).
  3. Launch Warcraft III.
  4. In Warcraft III, click the magnifying glass icon next to "" and ensure that "GProxy" is selected as your gateway.
  5. By default, this GProxy version is setup for connection. If you wish to change servers, you need to open the "gproxy.cfg" file in notepad and edit the server name to, or You will have to restart WC3 afterwards.


  • Gproxy DLL works over By default it connects to, but it can be easily changed.
  • It does not require any cd-keys.
  • It is a single file, and it is a Warcraft III plugin.
  • Games that support Gproxy will appear with a [G] in front.
Note that you do not need to type "[G]" when typing in the game name, it is just there to show you what games are GProxy supported.
  • Provides auto-spoofcheck and easy-to-use ignore commands.

Furthermore, GProxy.cfg also supports the following configuration directives:

  • log

Enables GProxy logging. The value specifies the filename of the logfile. If it is empty, the logging is disabled. Default value: (empty)

  • bot_port

The port at which GProxy listens for Warcraft III game connections. The port is used only for internal purposes (proxying) and does not need port forwarding. Default value: 6125

Squelching features

GProxy DLL offers the following commands in

  • /i or /ignore

Ignores the last player who has whispered to you.

  • /i partial_name

Ignores a player who has whispered you and has a name containing the text you entered.

E.g.: If a player with a long or hard to read name like I1lL1lll1I1I1II has whispered you, you can ignore them by just typing: /i L1

  • /ui or /unignore

Unignores the last player you have ignored.

  • /ui partial_name

Unignores a player you had previously ignored and his name contains the text you entered.

E.g.: If you had previously ignored a player I1lL1lll1I1I1II, you can unignore them by typing: /ui L1

Troubleshooting and Tips

GProxy is not listed as an option on bnet realm list

  1. Proceed and log on to your default realm (the same realm listed on your GProxy config file)
  2. Log out and close all wc3 and GProxy windows
  3. Re-run GProxy and you should see GProxy realm listed now

GProxy does not connect to bnet

  1. Press Windows start button and search for “cmd“ or “cmds” or “command prompt”, without the quotes.
  2. Once a dos window opens up, type “ipconfig /flushdns”, without the quotes. See figure 1.

Cannot join games

Gproxy DLL may have port conflicts with WC3 client.

  1. Make sure Gproxy uses port 6112 to connect.
  2. Open WC3, go to options, Game, and check the port used by WC3.
  3. If it is 6112, try to change to 6113, 6114, and so on.

How to remove GProxy from realm-list

  1. Open Windows tab and type "regedit" to search.
  2. Navigate yourself to "HKEY_CURRENT_USER\SOFTWARE\Blizzard Entertaiment\Warcraft III" and open value " Gateways".
  3. Scroll down till you see

and delete it. Press OK and close regedit.

Note: ENT is new to this reconnection tool, and some errors might not have been discovered yet. If you encounter an error not listed above, please post a topic in the technical support forum.