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Enterprise Gaming Forum Rules


Our mission is two-fold. First, we of course aim to provide the best free-to-use Warcraft III hosting service. Moreover, though, we hope to establish an active and friendly gaming community that makes players feel at home. To help achieve this goal, we have established the following list of guidelines for using our forum and hosting service. Above all, though, be considerate.


The forum rules apply on ENT's Discord, too!

Forum Rules

  • All posts on this forum must be in English (other languages can be used in private messages).
  • Be polite and mannered. Do not intentionally be insulting or disruptive and do not start flame wars.
  • Do not double post (exception: if your last post is at least a week old or both posts in question are relatively long); instead, use the edit feature.
    • Do not spam on the forum or you will receive a warning and/or ban.
    • Do not make posts that are off-topic and may interfere with the process of the specific topic.
  • Do not post replies to old threads (necroing); instead, post a new thread with a link to the old one.
    • Bumping threads with a post that does not contribute anything is not allowed. You can use the private messaging system to notify moderators of important dead topics.
  • Do not threaten or mock community members and do not ddos or dox them.
  • Do not post images or links to sites or images containing pornography, excessive violence, or otherwise offensive, vulgar, questionable or unethical content .
  • Do not make posts encouraging any illegal actions.
  • Do not use any utility which hides your real IP (proxies or VPN).
  • Do not ban dodge your forum ban. You may contact the staff via battle.net, the contact page or social media to gain more information.
  • Any actions intended to deteriorate our service are prohibited and will result in legal action, including exploiting or attempting to exploit security holes in the website or in GHost, taking up network resources in an un-permitted and excessive way, and conducting any kind of denial of service attack.
Depending on the severity, the Enterprise Gaming Administration keeps the right to enforce network-wide bans.
The staff is in charge of enforcing these rules. They are permitted to warn or ban you from the forum.