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Ban requests (report)

Sometimes, a player violates one of our rules and we are torn in our goal of maintaining a friendly community. However, penalties for being disruptive are always necessary.

Please post ban requests using the format below in this section. We take all bans seriously and appreciate your feedback as it would be in-feasible to have moderators in every game, and will try our best to come to an appropriate decision regarding a player. Here, "your" will of course mean the information of you, the ban requester, and "player" or "violator" will refer to the player who you are requesting to ban. Please also watch the replay yourself and note the time each incident occurs and post these times in your request. "Whole Game" is not acceptable as time of incidents.

Please post your ban requests in the Ban Requests section.


Not sure if a player violated an ENT rule or you simply do not know the name for it? Look it up at our EntGaming:Rules page.


As topic title ("Subject"): The violator's battle.net username and, if known, realm.

[b]Replay Link:[/b] 
[b]Game Name:[/b] 
[b]Your Warcraft III Username:[/b] 
[b]Violator's Warcraft III Username:[/b] 
[b]Violated Rule(s):[/b] 
[b]Time of Violation (in-game or replay):[/b] 
[b]Any further thoughts:[/b] 

Keep the format and the tags. Write your information next to the [/b] tags! How it should look like:

Subject: Test2@useast - maphack
[b]Replay Link:[/b]  http://entgaming.net/findstats.php?id=4494923
[b]Game Name:[/b]  [ENT] Legion TD Mega #37
[b]Your Warcraft III Username:[/b] Test
[b]Violator's Warcraft III Username:[/b] Test2
[b]Violated Rule(s):[/b] third party usage
[b]Time of Violation (in-game or replay):[/b] Fog clicks at minute two
[b]Any further thoughts:[/b] Probably dodging.


  • You can include an optional description in subject but you should always have the username of the player as well.
  • Provide a screenshot, fog clicks or the time of the suspicious behavior if you report for maphack.
  • Ban requests without proper information (violator's username, timestamp, violated rule) may be denied without further notification.
  • Maphack requests must always have a replay attached to the topic.

Finding a replay

How to find a game replay?

  1. Go to the stats page: http://entgaming.net/openstats/
  2. Find a replay: http://entgaming.net/openstats/game/2985325/
  3. Replace the ID with the game ID (2985325): http://storage.entgaming.net/replay/view_replay.php?file=ID.w3g to http://storage.entgaming.net/replay/view_replay.php?file=2985325.w3g
The replay link is always the same http://storage.entgaming.net/replay/view_replay.php?file=ID, just change the game ID.

How to find replays of yourself?

  1. Use this link http://entgaming.net/openstats/?u=NAME
  2. Replace NAME with your account: http://entgaming.net/openstats/?u=test
  3. Follow the steps above.
Please note: All games are now on the same server and can be accessed with the same link.

Retrieving the lobby chat

Follow the steps of above and replace the game ID in the following link: http://storage.entgaming.net/replay/replays/ID.txt
If the link above does not work, try this: http://storage.entgaming.net/replay/download.php?f=ID.txt&fc=ID.txt
Should look like: http://storage.entgaming.net/replay/download.php?f=5340460.txt&fc=5340460.txt

Uploading a replay

DotA replays: For DotA replays, you can upload using our DotA replay parser.

Any replay: Use the upload above or save as an attachment. When you are on the compose post page, scroll down underneath the submit button and look for Filename. Click browse, select the replay, and then hit add the file. Then, you can submit your post.

For technical support, post here!