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Enterprise Gaming News History 2016

For news histories of other years, please check the news category.

2016-12-31Happy New Year! Looking forward to seeing you on Discord in 2017.
2016-12-24The default mode for ENT LTD Hell games has changed to HPAC
2016-12-09ENT8 is now hosting Metastasis.
2016-11-29ENT has started its official LTD clogging discussion. Please participate!
2016-11-29Announcing LTD and Lords of Europe tournaments.
2016-11-23Civilization Wars monthly tournaments have been announced!
2016-11-21LIHL rules have been updated.
2016-11-21DotA LoD September tournament with a total prize money of $500 has ended.
2016-11-14LTD November tournament with a total prize money of $460 has ended.
2016-11-11NWU has a new rule, Madara is now banned .
2016-11-01LIHL Season 13 ended.
2016-10-29ENT49 is now hosting Island Troll Tribes.
2016-10-15LTD Mega Selling and Antistuck rules have been updated.
2016-10-14ENT25 is now hosting Medieval Zombie Invasion.
2016-10-02Vote for LTD Mega rules!
2016-08-24Try out Gproxy DLL!
2016-08-15ENT98 is now hosting The Kingdom of Kaliron.
2016-08-14Welcome SeriouslyStrange to the Game Moderator team!
2016-08-07September tournaments 2016 announced.
2016-08-07Donation rewards reworked.
2016-08-01ENT51 hosts DotA v6.85k
2016-07-30Legion TD x10 Hell rules have been updated. Default mode: -hpgmcb prophet.
2016-07-30LoD glitches added.
2016-07-22Legion TD x10 Hell rules have been updated. Default mode: -pr.
2016-07-22Legion TD HELL 1100+ rules have been added for ENT89. Rules can be found here.
2016-07-14Island Defense ELO Voting #2
2016-07-08ENT is proudly announcing three tournaments for July! Hero Push, Footmen vs Grunts and Legion TD. Get more information here!
2016-04-09Fortress Survival and Wintermaul One rules added! To be enforced starting Sunday, 10th of April.
2016-03-15Using couriers to detonate mines is considered a bug abuse. To be enforced starting 16th of March.
2016-03-15Kraken Shell usage is now ban-able due to bug abuse if used as described on the suggestion topic. To be enforced starting 16th of March.
2016-03-05Introducing: Legion TD 2
2016-03-05Naruto Wars Ultimate rules updated.
2016-02-07Partner & Game Guides announcement
2016-02-06Welcome to the ENT Moderation, Lord-Miles.
2016-02-01LIHL season 11 ended. Check out the new season announcement here!
2016-01-25A new wiki page about the two forum themes.
2016-01-24Updated our policy regarding stats restoration.
2016-01-24Risk Devolution rules added for clarification.
2016-01-16New wiki website!
2016-01-05Congratulations to 1337hamburger on becoming an Island Defense In-House League moderator.
2016-01-02Legion TD and Castle Fight rules updated.
2016-01-02Congratulations to BeerLord and Play4EIo on joining the staff.