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Legion TD In-House League

What is LIHL?

ENT's Legion TD Mega In-House League (LIHL) is a vouch-based Legion TD Mega league for skilled players who want to play competitive in-house games with a fair set of rules.

Auto-balanced games are hosted after enough players (8 , 6 or 4, depending on the desired game size) sign for a game. Meeting point is the Warcraft 3 channel "Clan LIHL" on Azeroth/USEast, so you must have an USEast account to be able to play in LIHL.

Getting vouched

To play in LIHL, you must be vouched. To begin the process of being vouched, please post a topic in the Vouch Requests forum with the title account@east and the following format below. All players are welcome to post feedback about your attitude and skill in your vouch request, but ultimately it is up to the LIHL moderators to decide the outcome of your vouch request. Make sure to read the LIHL Guide on the wiki before applying as it describes important procedures. It is recommended that you observe several LIHL games during your application. In order to ease the adaptation process and in order to observe games more easily, send a private message to LIHL Moderators in order to be added as a LIHL Candidate on discord.

   [b]Tell us what other previous league or in-house experience you have:[/b] 
   [b]Provide a list of aliases. These are names that people might recognize you as:[/b] 
   [b]What is your Discord account?[/b]
   [b]If possible, provide a list of LIHL players who might know you or that you are acquainted with:[/b] 
   [b]Do you have Gproxy installed?[/b]
   [b]Attach at least three LTD Mega 3.42 1200+ game replays (one as yolo, other as a holder) that represent your skill (do not provide replays where you go cross-build, double-build or aura swap as these tactics are not allowed in LIHL):[/b] 
   [b]Take a random wc3 screenshot, attach it, and private message it to recipient “LIHL Moderators” (LIHL Guide -> SS-Test): [/b]
   [b]Any additional information that you would like to provide:[/b]

How to start a game?


Starting 06/2017, we have switched to a Discord bot for starting LIHL games. This is mainly due to Blizzard's stance towards hosting/channel bots.

In order to use the LIHL bot, you must be in the LIHL Discord group. PM your league moderators or the Discord Staff to add you.

  • Use !start to initiate a game.
LIHL game ['lihl58s'] initialized by [username]
  • Use !g lihl to list the games hosted which you can join.
Current Games: lihl58s (2/10)
  • Use !rg lihl to list the all the games in progress.
Games in progess: lihl92a (8/9) 00:30:00
  • Use !ihs to see your LIHL stats.


  • The game owner, selected as the highest ELO player, can be identified via the brackets in the signed player list.
  • The highest ELO users are also automatically placed as Red (Team 1) and Yellow (Team 2).
  • To start the game, the game owner has to type: !start


  • Observer slots are enabled by default. Any unsigned user will automatically placed as an observer.
  • After each game, stats will be updated within five minutes. Bot's vouched player list is also updated once every five minutes.
  • Stats will reset at the end of every season/cycle.
  • The 1st place season ranked player will be awarded $20 and an ingame spoof.



The general EntGaming:Rules apply to the LIHL, unless abrogated by the specific rules below. For the forum, the general EntGaming:ForumRules are to be followed.
Violating any rule can result in disciplinary actions including verbal warnings, temporary & permanent bans from LIHL games and/or ENT games. It goes without saying that a minimum of manners and fair play is to be expected in a league. Therefore, any behavior that is deemed to be 'out of line' with LIHL's values can be acted upon by league moderators.

Game Modes

  • The default game mode is -phgmcb. This mode can be typed and will also be automatically chosen if red does not type a mode.
  • Other game modes are at the moment not allowed because they may bug.


  • You may only play official LIHL games with a vouched account.
  • If you are !signed to a game, you must join it within 5 minutes of hosting.
  • Once a game has been hosted, all players are required to play the game out until one of the kings dies.
  • Unsigning during player drafting is forbidden.

Build Provisions

  • You cannot build a tower that will attack and pull a creep from the opposite lane.
  • If a player pulls creeps while not building at dark green area, whether to be punished or not will depend on a moderator's per case judgement. If pulling continuously happens due to a tower, it should be sold immediately.
  • Do not build over 120 value of delay towers.
  • Do not intentionally split towers to delay leaking on a level you have sent.
  • Before level 10: don't sell more than 300 gold per level.
  • After level 10 and before first arena: you can sell any amount you want.
  • After first arena: selling is not allowed except for holding better
  • Do not save more than 200 gold when sending with the intent to leak more on a racing level.


  • If a team misses a player by disconnect or leaving before the end of level 20, it is mandatory to !draw the game, unless every player agrees to play on.
  • If a team misses a player by disconnect or leaving after the end of level 20, then !draw is optional.

Leave and Disconnection

  • Dropping player(s) is not permitted.
  • If a player leaves or disconnects before level 20, a "Leave and DC penalty" will be enforced. The player who left will be penalized with -18 elo with GProxy or -21 elo without GProxy, whereas the remaining players will gain +3 elo for their playing time.
  • If a players leaves or disconnects after level 20, no “Leave and DC Penalty” will be enforced, but instead the player will be unvouched.
  • Leaving penalties are appealable, disconnecting penalties not.
  • Leave and DC penalty will only be applied if the game was successfully drawn, reported within 24 hours on the forum by one who played the game, and once approved by a moderator.
  • If the player is believed to have left the game on purpose aka rage quit, the player will be unvouched with a chance to appeal.


  • When pausing, a player should always inform everyone why he is doing so and for how long. The game can always be paused upon a moderator's request to do a screenshot test.
  • Do not unpause unless every player is ready.
  • After the game has been paused for more than 5 minutes for someone AFK, you can report him.
  • After the game has been paused for more than 10 minutes for someone AFK, he can be kicked without question.
  • The use of pause is not allowed to discuss strategies.

King Juggling

  • Every form of juggling exploiting king's attack mechanics to gain more time and resources is banned.


  • All games must !votebalanced, unless it is a !challenge game, or all players agree to a different set-up. If a player disagrees with an observer to be swapped in, and that obs has earned his spot (!roll, given by someone else, etc.), then the refusing player shall step aside.


  • One veto is enough to reject a player from observing a game, however, the observer spot may not be denied to moderators or LIHL Candidates.
  • If the observer refuses to leave the lobby despite being vetoed, the owner is allowed to kick him.
  • Observers are prohibited from voting, commenting on strategies, and ghosting.
  • Observers may not ping under any circumstances.
  • If a player wishes, he may pause the game without hindering gameplay and request the game owner to !mute the observer(s) at any time.


  • The use of !start force is forbidden to prevent bugged stats.
  • Do not abuse !owner commands (!mute, !swap, etc.)
  • You are not allowed to use !ignore in such a way that you are unable to teamplay anymore.


Required Description
!start / !start3 / !start2 Starts a new 4vs4 / 3vs3 / 2vs2 game (only if there is not already a current one).
!sign/ !sign3 / !sign2 / !unsign Sign in / Sign out to the current game.
!votebalance Initiate a vote to autobalance players in lobby based on elo before countdown.
Miscellaneous Description
!players Shows the currently signed players.
!stats Shows your stats.
!active Shows vouched players who are online.
!isvouched <username> Checks whether <username> is vouched.
!unbanme If you were banned from channel for not being vouched earlier, this will unban you (/w ENT.LIHL !unbanme).
!invite Receive a clan invitation.
!top / !bot Lists the users with the highest/lowest ELO scores in the league.
!compare <user a> <user b> Compares two players to see their wins/losses together/against.
!games Gets the last game name.
!info <game name> Lists the players who are playing in that particular game.
!lp / !lastplayers Lists the players of the last hosted game.
!notify X Notifies you when X people sign (!unnotify to stop notify).
!status Displays your sign status (which game you signed for, if any).
!channel Displays the current LIHL channel (if Clan LIHL is flooded).
!active Lists all vouched players who are currently online.
!challenge <username> Challenges <username> to a 4v4 challenge game.
!challenge3 <username> Challenges <username> to a 3v3 challenge game.
!challenge2 <username> Challenges <username> to a 2v2 challenge game.
!accept Accepts a challenge game.
!reject Rejects a challenge game.
!draft <username> Adds a user to your team during the drafting phase.
In-Game Description
!start Starts the game (owner only).
!swap X Y Swaps player X with Y (owner only).
!scores Displays the ELO of both teams.
!ihs Shows your stats.
!ping Displays players' pings (owner only).
!votekick name Initiate a votekick on a player for breaking rule(s).

Screenshot Procedure

  1. A LIHL moderator pauses the game or whispers a user ingame to do so.
  2. Once the game is paused, do not unpause until all players successfully has shot a screenshot. Press the "Print Screen" button to take a screenshot.
  3. Make sure that the screenshot file is in .tga format (file located at Warcraft III/Screenshots folder) and that it came out correctly.
  4. Go on ENT forum and send a Private Message with your ss file attached.
    • Compose a new PM.
    • Select "LIHL Moderation" from the groups on the right side and press the "Add" button.
    • As subject (pm title), put the date and your name.
    • As body (pm content), write whatever you want.
    • On the bottom, press "Select file", select your saved screenshot and press the "Add the file" button.
    • Send off the private message by pressing "Submit".
Alternative SS Tutorial (click)


Depending on which OS version and which bit version you are running, the file paths will be different:

  • For Windows 7, ss file can be found: C:\%PROGRAMFILES(X86)%\Warcraft III\Screenshots (64-bit) / C:\%PROGRAMFILES%\Warcraft III\Screenshots (32-bit)
  • For Windows 8, ss files can be found: C:\Users\USERNAME\AppData\Local\VirtualStore\%PROGRAMFILES(X86)%\Warcraft III\Screenshots or C:\Users\USERNAME\AppData\Local\VirtualStore\%PROGRAMFILES%\Warcraft III\Screenshots or C:\%PROGRAMFILES(X86)%\Warcraft III\Screenshots or C:\%PROGRAMFILES%\Warcraft III\Screenshots
    To unhide hidden files (which is the case for the AppData path, follow this guide).
How to screenshot on Macintosh:


The league is administered by EntGaming:Staff#LIHL_Moderators.