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Enterprise Gaming Link

Validate your account

Secure your account by validating your battle.net account(s) to your forum account. By doing so, you will be able to claim and restore your stats when your stats get wiped due to inactivity or your battle.net account gets hacked. You have the option to clear or transfer stats only if you have validated your accounts. Please note, that you will receive a unique code which you have to whisper to ClanEnterprise on battle.net.

Manage your statistics

You can access the stats tool and manage your ENT stats. Clear stats will wipe your stats and transfer stats will transfer the stats from one account to another. The accounts are only available for these actions if they are validated (see above).

Are you banned?

You can check your ban status including the ban reason and expiry date. For further information, read the EntGaming:Unban wiki.

Host a game

Check out how to host a game on ENT via the EntGaming:HostGuide.