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Votekick Rules

  • For flaming/verbal conflicts, use bot command, !ignore <name>, and/or Battle.net command, /squelch <name> , instead. Squelching will also block whispers.
  • Do not spam or randomly start !votekicks, do not !votekick to avoid being kicked, and do not !votekick without proper reasons. Votekicks are ban-able even if they are not passed since negative intentions can still be assessed and misusing it can lead others to misuse it. Kicks and bans are enforced based on how severe the rule has been violated. ENT keeps the right to enforce punishments as warning.
  • Do not abuse !votekick: its only purpose is to kick game ruiners who violate ENT's rules and negatively impact the game for either or both teams in the game.
  • You are obligated to !votekick any player that has broken any of ENT's game ruining rules. If someone or several indicate that a particular player is game ruining, you, as a player in the game, are obligated to question/check about the situation/claim.
  • If a votekick is initiated to kick a visible game ruiner, all players are obligated to !yes.
    • It is possible to game ruin by being new. In this case, votekick will only be valid if the new player refuses to learn and cooperate. Just because someone is a newbie or bad does not mean he is intentionally game ruining.
    • Maphack can only be confirmed once the replay is reviewed after a game. Therefore, it is invalid to initiate a votekick on someone solely due to suspicions.
  • When you initiate a !votekick, you should clearly explain "Who" and "How" the violator is game ruining via all chat.
    • You are free to refuse to votekick someone when there is lack of evidence/visible rule violation. However, communicate your decision via all chat, too.
    • If you are unsure that someone on the opposite team is game ruining, ask the other team for clarification via all chat.

You are responsible for your own vote. Voting for something means you agree with it. You are accountable for what happens with your vote.

The Enterprise Gaming Administration keeps the right to enforce punishments on a case-by-case basis in order to preserve a healthy gaming environment.