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The general rules apply to any game hosted by ENT except abrogated by game specific rules. Violating them might result in a warning or ban.

Troll and Elves Rules

Ban-able offenses:

  • Do not stay nor build in another Elf's base without their consent.
  • Elves may not build/use units (in) a base with more than two builders. If your base is destroyed or a base with more than two builders needs help, you may go there to aid with spells (nothing else) but you must not build or do anything else.
  • When killed and chosen to help the elves, you may not hide in the middle between the Troll's huts in the Medium-Sized winter map.
  • Do not trap the troll.
  • Do not go, as either Angel or Elf, into places on the map that the troll is unable to reach you from.
  • Do not suicide as Elf unless the troll has broken your base.

Ban-able glitches:

  • Do not use the house to gain more income over other players.
  • Do not use structures to block your entrance that neither yourself/the troll can click on.
  • Do not use the command "-gu" to exceed the food cap in any way.
  • Do not place structures on ramps which force the troll to use reveal.
  • Do not spam the truesight tower to prevent the troll from killing you

Miscellaneous Rules:

  • When the map is bugged, players may suicide to proceed to the next map.