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The general rules apply to any game hosted by ENT except abrogated by game specific rules. Violating them might result in a warning or ban.

Island Defense Rules

Ban-able Offenses:

  • Placing your main builder in a spot that is not nukable by titan.
  • Loud stacking (worker stacking with the loud error sounds) or worker stacking in an un-nuke-able spot in a base.
  • Intentionally stalling the game as either titan or builder in order to frustrate and waste time of the other players is prohibited. What constitutes legitimate stalling with game play purpose will be decided on a case by case basis with moderator discretion.
    1. The titan can be kicked if he does not kill a builder in approximately 15 minutes of stalling upon the condition that 60% of the builders alive agree to having the titan kicked.
    2. Builders are not allowed to stall the game without the reasonable possibility of creating a defendable base.
  • Refusing to leave base after being asked by owner. However, you may stay in the base if
    1. the titan is near and escaping would lead to death
    2. your escape skills are on cooldown.
    Meanwhile, you must share your control with the base owner, so he can move your builder inside the base.
  • Item stealing.
    1. If the player gave no contribution (Trapper = Damage dealer > unit blocker > slow/stunner > unit revealer (vision + eye of ocean)) to killing the chicken and/or minion, then he should not deserve the item and can be banned
    2. If they take it and doesn't return the item to the player upon request of the item owner.
    3. Does not apply to the titan who can -kick <colour> the minions.
  • Leaving.
    1. Builders which have not yet died may not leave within the first 15 minutes, unless it has been explicitly stated by an observer that they are willing to take over your builder, or at least 3 builders have already left or become observer.
    2. Titan may not leave within the first 15 minutes of spawning, unless Titan has picked and it has been explicitly stated by a builder that they are willing to take over titan, or at least 3 builders have already left or become observer.
    3. Leaving late in the countdown causing the game to glitch and start without a player is bannable.
  • Usage of macros are forbidden, with the exception of remapping your keys. For example, remapping item slot (hotkey 4) to alt+5. However, remapping 2 keys into 1 (like b(uild)+w(wall) as hotkey v) is considered a macro and is ban-able.

Miscellaneous Rules:

  • Non-staff members may not be swapped on the observer slot.
  • If a player pings a seed and/or a base it does not mean they have the right to have the seed and/or base.
    1. The first unit that has the ability to build (includes any builder/summoner, excludes nature's workers) to the seed and/or base has the rights to it.