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The general rules apply to any game hosted by ENT except abrogated by game specific rules. Violating them might result in a warning or ban.

Castle Fight Rules

  • Do not leave the game as red without having picked a mode.
  • When picking a mode other than the default one (-rr2-na-ntb-ur-slb-it8-ca-ht-gld28-ban2-srg285-bal1), mode setter (red) must announce it in the lobby before the game starts. Every player must be informed, so they have the opportunity to leave in case of dislike.
  • Do not waste RS.
  • Do not block spawn buildings to teamkill.
  • If you ever play with the elemental builder, there is a tiny probability that the building which sends the fire elemental will produce a different unit, which looks like a ghoul. If you select this unit and activate his ability, it will turn into many fire elementals. It’s forbidden, and any person who uses it will be banned.