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Standalone app used to connect your Warcraft III client to multiple communities.


  • Join Games Easier: All that is required is for you to create an account, and select a game listed within the WC3Connect client. After, launch your Warcraft III game and navigate to the LAN menu to join your desired lobby.
  • Reduces chance of disconnection: WC3Connect gives you GProxy++ support, meaning that you can reconnect to games if your Internet connection briefly disconnects.


WC3 Connect Links

WC3Connect Client Download Links
Windows https://entgaming.net/wc3connect.exe
Macintosh https://entgaming.net/wc3connect-osx.zip
Linux https://entgaming.net/wc3connect-amd64
Cross-platform Version - Requires Java
Download https://entgaming.net/wc3connect.jar
Java https://www.java.com/en/download/


WC3 Expansion: Warcraft III:The Frozen Throne
Patch Version:

How-To Guides

Account Creation

NOTE: If you had an ENT Gaming forum account prior to Oct.14 2018, then use your forum login credentials to log in.
  1. Insert your desired username
  2. Insert your desired password
  3. Click Sign Up
  • If the account is available, you'll be prompted that the account creation was successful (See Figure 2)
  • If the account is unavailable, you'll be prompted that the username is unavailable (See Figure 3)

Below is an overview of the signup process:

Joining A Game


  1. Open WC3Connect
  2. Login using your existing username and password
    • If you do not have an account, follow the Account Creation steps listed above.
  3. Select your desired game from the available games listed. (See Figure 1)
    • Games are seperated into 3 tabs
      • Public - Player hosted games from ENT and MMH
      • ENT Autohost - Autohosted games from ENT Gaming
      • Others - Autohosted games from other communities

Warcraft III

  1. Open Warcraft III
  2. Select Local Area Network (See Figure 2)
  3. Join your desired game from the games list (See Figure 3)
    • Dependent on the number of local network adapters with IPs, it will display the same lobby multiple times when you've selected a lobby in the WC3Connect client.
  4. If joined successfully, you should be in a game lobby (See Figure 4)

Validate Your WC3Connect Account On The ENT Gaming Forum

ENT Gaming Forum

  1. Login to the ENT Gaming Forum
  2. Navigate to the Validate portion of ENT Link
  3. Complete the following: (See Figure 1)
    • Fill in username
    • Select WC3Connect
    • Click Validate
      • This will provide you with a code to insert into your WC3Connect client (See Figure 2)

WC3Connect Client

  1. Open the WC3Connect client
  2. Login with the account you wish to validate
  3. Open the Validate setting: (See Figure 3)
    • Click Settings > Validate
  4. Enter the code provided on the forum and click Validate Account (See Figure 4)
    • If Validate request is sent successfully, it will display a specific message (See Figure 5)
    • You can verify your account has been validated via Linked Accounts in ENT Link