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WinMTR – Free Network Diagnostic Tool

Official Website | Download | Guide

Free Network Diagnostic Tool

What to do once you downloaded it:

  1. Unzip the WinMTR-v092.zip (number changes based on version)
  2. Depending on your system, go to the "WinMTR_x32" or "WinMTR_x64" folder and start the "WinMTR.exe".
  3. Enter an IP or hostname, press "Start". Enterprise Gaming uses the following servers (choose one near your location):


  1. Wait 1-2 minutes and press "Stop".
  2. Press "Copy Text to clipboard" and post it in a separate topic in the technical support forum.


  1. You can also use the ping script from Agreements. To do so:
  2. Download the non-official winmtr.bat here, Art)y (talk) 13:33, 28 June 2014 (CEST)
  3. Run it and copy the file content/attach the file to the PM/topic
Please note: Running a bat file might not always work. Certain antivirus programs/firewalls might block the connection to the internet for the tracing.


If you do not wish your IP(s) to be seen in the public, you can PM it to uakf.b who will analyse it. However, PMing him might not turn out to be successful, so you should post the topic anyway.

For questions, visit the technical support forum.