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Unit IDs

Tree Tag

Unit name Unit ID Information
Blaze (Strength Infernal) Infernal
Pyra (Intelligence Infernal) OC05
Observer Ward o003 Wards and Infernal Scouts
Infernal Hawk (Lvl 1 Scout) n003
Burning Archer (Lvl 2 Scout) |cffff0000Burning|r Archer
Fire Elemental (Lvl 3 Scout) h001
Lightning Trap Lvl 1 (Pyra Only) o000
Lightning Trap Lvl 2 (Pyra Only) o001
Lightning Trap Lvl 3 (Pyra Only) o002
Lightning Trap lvl 4 (Pyra Only) o004
Ent (Main Builder) uC12 Ent and Ent buildings/units
Ent Ash oC10
Resource Storage eC09
Bigger Resource Storage e003
Great Resource Storage e005
Basic Tree eC23
Big Tree eC03
Armored Tree eC02
Pissed Off Tree eC32
Aura Tree eC08
Invisible Tree eC01
Infernal Tower h003
Infernal's Bane e008
Tree Barracks eC07
Smokey the Bear's House eC30
Tree of Life e000
Item Shop eC42
Upgrade Center eC45
crystal ball detector e007
Tunnel Entrance n005
Sentry Tower eC11
Tree Fighter eC26
Elite Tree Fighter eC27
Clan ENP Members Clan ENP Members
Cooler Water h005
Water h004
Nature Protector (Hero) EC29
Forest Walker e009
Armed Transport eC28
Tank eC34
Advanced Builder uC43
Wisp e001
Hawk nC37 Normal Critters
Chicken (critter) Chicken Bottom Middle Critter
VictorB n009 Critters with "Souls", Top Left Frog
mylovelybones n00F Top Middle Skeleton
JomarTaaca n00J Top Right Zombie
T_tucky_ken_K n007 Top Right Chicken
Minutes n00E Bottom Right Crab
Azathrael n008 Bottom Middle Raccoon
Malts n006 Bottom Left Penguin
Lauralien n00B Middle Left Sheep
Vences n00C Center Dog, offset to left
GayBoy n00G Villager Boy, Center
Gay n00H Villager Man, Special, Spawns after gayboy dies.
Toppy00753 n00K Seal, Center, offset to top
Krusinho n00A Rabbit, Center, offset to right
Animal Spirit u001 Spawns after one of "soul" animals are killed, invisible
Ultimate Item Shop n002 Goblin Merchant, Centermost shop
Lumberjack nC16 Mountain King, Right and bottom shops
Acolyte nC15 Left and top shops
Burning Archer nC22 ercenaries
Undead Lumberjack nC21
Ideas, and Friends n000 Evil Illidan, Bottom Right Corner
|cff40c918My Friend Warden Bottom Left Corner
|cff45baaeIdeas Wendigo Top Left Corner
|cff00ff00GuardianKuroro|r Ancient of the Winds Top Right Corner
|cff0000ffMap Editor|r Owlbear Center, Bottom Right
|cff00ff00Map Creator|r Keeper of the Grove Center, Top Right
|cffeae415Ideas and Suggestions|r Vengeance Center, Top Left
|cffff0000Map Editor|r Demon Hunter Center, Bottom Left