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StealthBot is a Battle.net chat and channel moderation bot designed for Blizzard Entertainment's Battle.net network.

What to do once you downloaded it:

  • Unzip the file and start the installer. Click through the installation and start the "Stealthbot Launcher".
  • There you can press the "Create Profile" button to give it a name. Double click the name in the list and a graphical interface will appear.
  • Select the "Settings" button in the top left corner and go to "Bot Settings". From there, select "General Settings" and enter:
  1. a battle.net account (doesn't have to be manually created, yet)
  2. a password
  3. a cd-key for RoC &/TFT (The Frozen Throne keys aren't needed to connect to Wc3: TFT. You'll just receive a RoC icon.
  4. home channel is optional
  5. the bot owner to give you full access
  6. the server can be anything listed in the box, just select one. However, recommended are:
    • europe.battle.net
    • useast.battle.net
    • uswest.battle.net
    • asia.battle.net
  7. the trigger is the symbol on which the bot reacts (for most ghost bots it's "!" but it can also be "@"
  8. one of the "Product(s)", select "Warcraft III" if you only have a RoC cd-key or "The Frozen Throne" if you've both.
  9. once you are done, press "Apply and Close"

ENT sb.png

  • However, you aren't fully done, yet! Go back to the settings and select "Advanced Settings", there you'll need to enter a valid BNLS server. I recommend phix.no-ip.org (you might need to type it in the field). If you receive an error like Error 11002: Non-Authoritative answer: Host not found, then use bnls.mattkv.net as server.

ENT sb2.png

  • Press "Apply and Close" again and now you can press the "Connect" button next to the "Settings".

In most cases you'll see this on your screen:

[15:53:12] Connecting your bot...
[15:53:12] [BNLS] Connecting to the BNLS server at phix.no-ip.org...
[15:53:12] [BNLS] Connected!
[15:53:12] [BNLS] Authorized!
[15:53:12] [BNCS] Connecting to the Battle.net server at useast.battle.net...
[15:53:12] [BNCS] Connected!
[15:53:12] [BNCS] Checking version...
[15:53:12] [BNCS] Server signature validated!
[15:53:13] [BNCS] Client version accepted!
[15:53:13] [BNCS] Sending login information...
[15:53:13] [BNCS] Login successful.
[15:53:14] Welcome to Battle.net!

For questions, visit the technical support forum.