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Mac OSX Install Guide

The below is a guide for downloading, installing, and running older patches no longer available via the official installer. Do note, we will not supply CD-keys for installation. It is up to the end user to supply their own keys to ensure the game runs after installation.

Macs gatekeeper (among other things), causes a degree of difficulty when simply trying to save older versions or transferring your application to another computer. The below is for educational purposes, and allowing mac users the ability to play and review replays on older versions of Warcraft III.

Required Downloads

XQuartz https://www.xquartz.org/
Wine(Dev Build) https://dl.winehq.org/wine-builds/macosx/download.html
BlizzGet.exe https://github.com/d07RiV/blizzget/releases
Backup and Sync from Google https://www.google.com/drive/download/
Warcraft III.app - DL via Backup and Sync from Google Google Drive

Important Notes

Do not attempt to compress any of the files downloaded by BlizzGet or Warcraft III.app as compression causes corruption, leading to the app being broken and unable to be launched.


Video tutorial: Youtube

  1. Download XQuartz, Wine(Dev Build), BlizzGet.exe, and Backup and Sync from Google
  2. Install in the following order
    • XQuartz
      • The last portion of install can take 5~10 minutes
    • Wine(Dev Build)
      • XQuartz Required prior to install
    • Backup and Sync from Google
      • Best to complete while waiting on XQuartz to install
      • May restart when updating a fresh install
  3. Setting up Backup and Sync from Google
    • Add 1.30.1 to your drive
      • Login to your google account
      • Navigate to the Google Drive linked above
      • Navigate to 1.30.1 folder where "Warcraft III.app" is located
      • Click the down arrow next to "1.30.1" and click "Add to my drive"
    • Login to "Backup and Sync" on your computer
    • Initial setup will lead you through
      • Sync local files to google
        • Disable by deselecting folders if not desired
      • Sync google drive to local file
        • You can sync the 1.30.1 folder specifically if desired
    • Wait for sync
      • You can click on the google drive icon to see the status
      • If more than 1~3 files are sync'd (100+), the sync likely worked
  4. Download Warcraft III via BlizzGet.exe
    • Create folder in desired location
    • Move BlizzGet.exe into the created folder
    • Open BlizzGet.exe with Wine
      • Right Click > Open With.. > Wine(Dev)
    • Wine will install pre-requisites on first launch
      • Simply click accept/ok
      • Once all pre-requisites are installed, BlizzGet.exe will run
    • Enter the following when launched:
      • Program code: w3 - Warcraft III
      • Region: us (or your choice)
    • Click next and enter the following build id
      • Build ID: 38f31eb67143d03da05854bfb559ed42
      • Additional build ID's for different versions: Ribbit_Data LINK
    • Click Next to fetch the download list
      • When "Fetching download list.." is visible without a progress bar, click "back"
    • Enter the build ID once more, and click next to select version download
    • Enter the following for the dropdowns
      • enUS
      • OSX
      • Release
    • Click the "+" button next to the dropdowns after all is selected
      • If done correctly
        • Single line of "enUS OSX Release" added below
        • Total size will be roughly 1611.7 M
    • Click Next to initiate the download
    • Once the download is completed, it will say "done" in the list
    • CLEAN UP TIME - If you want to save space
      • Files/Folders that can be deleted after downloads completed
      • cache/
      • BlizzGet.exe
  5. Launching Warcraft III
    • The files "Warcraft III.app" and "Warcraft III Launcher.app" are broken due to wine being used in conjunction with BlizzGet.exe
    • Delete both of the mentioned files and replace with the "Warcraft III.app" found in the google drive you sync'd
    • Launch the Warcraft III.app you have just placed into the Warcraft III download folder
    • Game should launch properly
      • Warcraft III symbol in top left is broken, but should be functional