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Island Defense : Walling Guide

The following guide was created by Ben_T.


The following serves as an intermediate guide on walling. We will cover how to wall specific bases, and include some general tips on structure placement. Do note, the pictures provided are how we would place the walls/structures, however, feel free to change and make it unique to your play style.

For some bases, we did not include a worker block if we did not think the strategy was effective for that particular base. For others, we did not include a lumber base, how many extra research centers (rcs) and fruits to show placement options. Try swapping some of the buildings around to make the base work for your specific game.

All bases covered below are blink proof, meaning there are no 2x2 gaps anywhere.

Available Bases



Balanced base with a nukeable lumber base in the back. Be careful of getting bounce nuked or hit by a nuke from a Titan who has a long ranged nuke. Workerblock can be set up, however it is not as effective as it is in other bases. Solid amount of towers but odd spacing. No lumberbase is included in the photo above since it can be done in many different places.

Total Towers: 53
Total Walls: 18



One of the most popular bases in the game, this base provides safety from nukes, a full lumber base, worker block, a large amount of towers, and only one row of walls. Overall, this is a solid base especially if you have a Titan Hunter who can swim, as they can go in the water. Lumber base can be easily nuked by Titan however.

Total Towers: 47
Total Walls: 12



Beach allows your Builder to stay protected from nukes. However, your workers are in a dangerous place and can be killed in mass from an aoe nuke so be careful of that. Workerblock is set up in the bottom left with 2 shelters. This base provides enough room for at least 6 fruit trees, and if you want another area for a 3x3 structure, you can replace the lowermost shelter in the lumber base area. Great place to base if you have a Titan Hunter who can swim because it can fit in the water right next to the walls.

Total Towers: 42
Total Walls: 13

Broken Fountain


One of the most popular Tauren bases in the game, this base provides an average amount of towers with a cozy lumber base in the back. The downside is this base is very easy to nuke out from the lumber base above it, so be careful if you’re standing to far up within the base.

Total Towers: 48
Total Walls: 9



Very underrated base due to how nukeable it is. As long as you are not standing near the back/right, it’s difficult to be nuked. If you have plenty of lumber or a lumber base outside of the base, Claw base is a great spot to go since it only has one row of walls and can fit a ton of towers. Base provides enough room for all 6 fruits trees and an rc (if you don’t have a lumber base in the back). Workerblock can be used in this base, however I think with the amount of towers, it’s not as useful. Also, the workerblock isn’t as effective in this base as it is in others.

Total Towers: 50
Total Walls: 12



This base made a name for itself in 3.0.9d as the most overpowered base in the game. Since then, it has been nerfed and has become less effective. However, this is a very solid and spacious base - great for a double base. You have workerblock on the bottom and if you want it on the top, you can replace the rc at the top with 2 towers and 2 shelters. The walling in the photo above is known as ‘L walling’ and it is used to make rewalling easier. With this walling, it will be more difficult for an experienced Titan to nuke you.

Total Towers: 44
Total Walls: 17



One of the lesser bases on the map in terms of popularity and size, however it still has plenty of room. This base can be nuked out depending on where you stand, so try to stand in the back and away from the right side. The lumber base is easy to nuke out, but you have vision from the bottom of the ramp to the left, so keep an eye on that to see if Titan is coming to nuke.

Total Towers: 46
Total Walls: 9



This is another one of the lesser bases on the map. I would recommend not having a lumber base in this base so you can use the room for fruit trees and rcs. Hideout is easy to nuke out if you aren’t paying attention because you can be nuked from the right and top side. 2 rows of walls make this base a bit costly on lumber, but it has a decent amount of towers. Overall, there are better bases than this and I would go to them instead as this base will be seen with a pearl on top right, which is one of the most popular bases on the map.

Total Towers: 52
Total Walls: 16


Lumber Base Version
No Lumber Base Version

Ovaries is one of my favorite bases for a few reasons. The first being the large amount of space you have. You can fit 11 fruit trees, 3 rcs, and a lumber base on each side. This base is great for double basing and is quite easy to blink proof. With no lumber base on either side, there is an abundance of room. What’s also great about the base is that it’s difficult to be nuked. There are 2 wall jumps in this base, one on the right ramp that will jump you outside of the base to the top right (use this to flee if your base is being destroyed). The other wall jump is on the left ramp and that will jump you to the entrance of the base. I cover the left ramp with shelters and I use those shelters for workerblock. With this workerblock, you can summon 4 workers without using rally point and they will block the exit, requiring the Titan to either kill 2-3 of them to leave, tp out, or ww out.

Total Towers: 50
Total Walls: 12



In this particular base, I prefer to have no lumber base and to mass towers. As you can see, there are a ton of towers and the rewalling is fairly easy. The only problem with this is you can be nuked very easily. If you base here like this, you need to be tanky enough to take some nukes. Furthermore, you can give up some towers to give yourself an area to walk back into. But in my opinion, if you aren’t very tanky, don’t base here.

Total Towers: 74
Total Walls: 17



First of all, you might notice the walls look odd. This base requires deep walls to be a solid base. However, if you deep wall regularly it’s difficult to rewall or some people just remove the very top wall. Don’t do this. The way this is walled is a great way to avoid nukes when rewalling and I recommend all of you try it. Large lumber base area in the back, however it can be nuked from 2 different spots. Workerblock can be set up at the top tower part of the base, however I rarely use it in this base. It is difficult to utilize a swimming Titan Hunter effectively here, but it can be done if you wish to try to use it.

Total Towers: 41
Total Walls: 16



Fairly nukeable base with little to no safe areas. If you want this base to be effective, you can’t have a lumber area unless it’s at the top. However, I prefer to utilize the space up top for my fruit trees, so I’ll have more room to move around to dodge nukes. I wouldn’t recommend choosing this base mainly because it’s too easy to nuked out.

Total Towers: 54
Total Walls: 13



One of the most popular bases in the game, this base has plenty of unnukeable areas and enough room for a full lumber base, 7 fruit trees, and 2 rcs. River is simple to blink proof, provides a solid amount of towers with only one row of walls, and has a simple, strong workerblock. Overall, one of the most solid solo bases in the game and great for beginners.

Total Towers: 40
Total Walls: 12



Strong base, but you have to be aware of being nuked. If you are tanky or if the Titan doesn’t have any minions, you can sit in the walls and this base can have 57 towers without workerblock. There are slightly different tower layouts that you can utilize to suit your playstyle. Aside from being nukeable, this base has workerblock, a good number of towers and enough room for a lumber base, 6 fruit trees, and an rc.

Total Towers: 49
Total Walls: 18



Overpowered base to say the least. Plenty of room, large area of unnukeable spots, full lumber base, and an insanely large amount of towers. Stronghold is best suited for ‘L walling’ to make rewalls much easier and maximize space, however, workerblock is not effective in this base, therefore, I’m not even going to tell you where you *could* use it.

Total Towers: 72
Total Walls: 17



Not the best base, however it has plenty of room and there are many areas that are unnukeable. Your lumber base in the back can be nuked from 2 different places. Overall, this is a very weak base due to the fact most of the tower aren’t in optimal range and it requires 2 rows of walls.

Total Towers: 51
Total Walls: 16



When some think of Tomb base, they think it’s called that because it’s such a bad base you will die in it. However, I’ve grown to like it after seeing FollowingPath use it and I’d like to thank him for the walling. Similar to Poseidon base, the walls are slightly altered to make deep walling effective. Otherwise, it would be easier for an experienced Titan to nuke you while trying to rewall. If you do not deep wall this base, it is not nearly as strong. As you can see, there is enough room for fruit trees, a lumber base, and a rc. One problem with this base, it has few unnukeable areas. You need to be cautious of nuke bounces off of your workers in your lumber base.

Total Towers: 58
Total Walls: 16

Tommy Gun


Tommy Gun is a large, but skinny base. It can hold a large amount of towers, a lumber base, 8 fruit trees and 2 rcs. The walling is to help with not getting nuked when rewalling, which helps this base greatly. Since this base is so skinny, it can be nuked out fairly easily especially by a Titan with a long ranged nuke. Also, if you base here, try using a Builder who has long ranged towers since most of the towers are far away from the walls.

Total Towers: 60
Total Walls: 11

Top Of The World


An overall underrated and unused base. For starters, you can wokerblock on the sides with almost all of those shelters. I use the 2 shelters on the left side and the 4 specific shelters on the right side. Using this setup allow for 6 worker spawns from both sides to block Titan in at the entrance (where the workers are in the picture above is where they spawn). Furthermore, this base has plenty of room for fruit trees and rcs. Top of the World is the perfect double base if you have a Builder with long ranged towers and have plenty of lumber or external lumber base. Again, these walls are so it’s more difficult to be nuked while rewalling. Base provides a ton of towers compared to others and a large unnukeable area.

Total Towers: 64
Total Walls: 11