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Game Crawler

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The Game Crawler is a tool to download, scan and analyze ENT replays. The tool works only correctly if you are an ENT moderator.

Picture Guide

The following guide explains to you how to install the tool and how to use one of its options. Please ensure to read the readme page.

Download the zip (linked above) and extract it.


Start the .exe file and press the Ok.


Enter your forum account and password. You can tick the button Auto-Login to auto-login you in each time you start the tool - but then the Save Login Data must be activated, too.


That is how the main gui looks. You can scan the games of a specific user or an entire genre. The option to scan through replays in your folders is also possible.


These are the default settings.


You can edit them to suit your needs. Take a look at how I added multiple triggers which you can enable/disable by just adding a # in front of it. At the moment, the GC can not load multiple triggers. Check out the GC readme to know more about triggers.


Press on the Index button and enter the number of how many replays you wanna check. Press Ok and then on Scan. The status changes from Standby to the current download and general progress.


The result has a fixed format. If you double click on the link line, it will open the replay in the browser. If you right click on one or multiple lines, it will copy the content.


In this case, there are no merc usages detected. However, a full scan might look like this (http://pastebin.com/LUKVXD4W).

 10 Oct 2014 05:51:00 CEST :: [ENT] Legion TD Mega 1v1 #40 :: http://storage.entgaming.net/replay/view_replay.php?file=4436212.w3g -- Found: 19
 19:37 QNEL             0x10: Unit/building ability (no additional parameters) [flags=70, id='R00I']
 19:38 QNEL             0x19: Select subgroup [id='u00P', object=0x000412A10000DD3E]
 21:10 QNEL             0x19: Select subgroup [id='u00P', object=0x000412A10000DD3E]

For questions, visit the technical support forum.