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DotA Replay Manager Filter

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The DotA Replay Manager Filter (DRMF) is an extension for the EntGaming:DRM. It provides further and more detailed filter options.

What to do once you downloaded it:

  1. Start the "DRMF.exe".
  2. Press "Ok", press "Exist".
  3. Click on "Select a path" and choose the DRM action log path. (If there's no such file in the DRM folder, read the DRM guide linked above.)
  4. Press "Save and Change", press "Yes" and exit the interface (via the x in the top right corner).
  5. The set-up process is over here. You can edit your settings any time later with help of the readme.

How to use it?

  1. Start the "DRMF.exe" (or keep the Start-Up interface from the installation process) and choose a game you wish to filter the action log for (in this case DotA).
  2. Press on "Menu" and then "DotA Replay Manager".
  3. Select a replay in the DRM (you do not need to load the action log) and press "Refresh Playerlist" in the DRMF.
  4. Select a player (or keep it empty for all) and choose one option, then press "Filter" and wait for the result.
You might as well start the DRM first and select your replay, so you only need to start the DRMF and it auto refreshes the player list. That way you don't need to start the DRM and replay afterwards.

Advantages for using it with the DRM?

  • Lists you only the information you wish to see (in less than seconds).
That contains: Filtering for clicks of a user on certain heroes/all units/buildings only and tons more.
  • Auto detection of cheats and clicks before 02:30
  • Supports copy/paste, removal of result lines and highlights lines containing certain words.
  • Supports c-case script (better one than Auto-C Clicker).
  • Supports Island Defense, DotA, DotA LoD, Legion TD Mega, Legion TD 3.5 Beta.
  • For a full list of features, check out the wiki

Picture Guide: Installation & Usage

Download the latest zip file and unzip it in a folder.


Press "Ok" to start the installation.


Icons will be downloaded and you can press "Exit".


Click on "Select a path" and navigate to the log.txt in your DotA Replay Manager folder. Select the log.txt and press "Save".


Press "Save and Change" and press "Yes".


This is how the standard gui looks like. Press on the text to start the guis.


This is how the menu looks like. You can start the DRM directly there, the Replay Seeker, switch between qlog and unit ID modes and also start watching a replay if you drag/dropped it in the gui.


Once you've opened the DRM (either via the menu or by dropping a replay), the playerlist will be refreshed. Select a user, select an option and press "Filter".


We've chosen the user "SecretlyGood" and the option "Subgroups". The result lists all objects/units he has selected in the game. As a default option, hackcheck is also enabled which filters out clicks on enemy heroes in the first 2:30 minutes. He maphacked.


For questions, visit the technical support forum.