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Birth of the Legion TD Team League!
Hell Cup July Tournament


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Welcome to ENT Gaming! We're an active and friendly Warcraft III gaming community, and much more. Come over to our forums or talk to us on Discord!

  • Register an account to reply on the forums, host your own games on our bots, play in tournaments, etc.!
  • Check out the games list to see what's currently being hosted.
  • Host a game via our public hosting system (Host Guide). You can upload your own maps directly, too!
  • Play games via Econnect for reconnection protection.
  • If you believe you were wrongly banned, please post an Unban request and if you feel someone broke our Rules, then post a Ban request.
  • We love to hear suggestions or other feedback so that we can improve the community; share them here!
  • Improve maps and your own gaming experience by giving valuable feedback and suggestions to the map makers. Join the Hive Workshop!


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2017-06-10Due to Blizzard's update(s), the bot names had to be changed. For example, ENT11 is now ENT.11 - this applies to all autohost bots. For a list of autohosted bots/maps, see here.
2017-05-20Tuskar snowballing with couriers is now considered a ban-able glitch.
2017-05-10LIHL season 16 ended!

ENT is constantly discussing (new) rule, map and mode changes in our Suggestion forum. Please participate!