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Battleships Pro Guides

The following guide have been composed by khspww94. For feedback, please post here.


  1. Normal Mode: Where players can embark on a journey of the battleship in totality, no bans on ships where trader and merchant is available to play. This also includes pooling of gold to other players. Players starts with minimal gold of 300 plus per person.
  2. No Traders: Where trader and merchant is not available to use at all. This mode prevents pooling as well as trading at any time. Players starts with minimal gold similar to normal mode as well.
  3. Accelerated Normal: Players can trade as well as pool at the same time. Not forgetting no bans on any ship. Players starts with higher amount of money and level 5 over their ships. The amount can be up to 3300 plus.
  4. Accelerated No Traders: Classical mode of bans on trading and pooling. No trader or merchant can be used in this mode. Players starts with higher amount of money and level 5 over their ships. The amount can be up to 3300 plus.
  5. Capfest: This mode is miraculously fun where players are given a chance to try crusaders in capfest mania with other players. This mode don't allow any players to have any items or weapons. The only items available for players are teleport or blink items. The capfest limit is at 75 kills per game. Players' skills over the crusader is maxed out. So the only thing you need to do is to cap others and survive.
  6. Same Random Ship: Personally the most crazy mode ever where every players will be given the same exact amount and ships and start with level 5 over their ships. There is no ban on anything except pooling players. Hence it make it extremely fun when everyone have to deal with the same ships but different built as per each player.

Suggested Item Builds

  • Standard Cruiser Built: Start with 4 cruisers with a bronze hull and mechanic repair or wood repair.
  • Standard Long Range Built: Start with 2 bombard cannons without anything else.
  • The Harpoon Fest: Start with 3 harpoons and grab one repair kit or weak repair wood.
  • The Rambo Short Range: Start with 2 machine guns cannons with a hull(bronze or stone) and a repair kit or weak repair wood.
The above works in a sailor build of the ship, if anyone not starting with these can consider the same kind of mindset of the build, i.e. get similar weapons with a repair kit or wood with a hull. Of course, these are not the only ways to play the game, please do ask me if anyone have other question regarding any other possible build as different ships different possible build of the items and weapons.